The Return of the Gamer…My Adventures in LOTRO

After getting somewhat burned out with World of Warcraft and Ultima Online, I decided to reactivate my LOTRO, Lord of the Rings Online, account. I started playing LOTRO when it


Review of the Kenmore Canister Vacuum: The Best One I Have Ever Owned!

The Kenmore Canister Vacuum is an awesome vacuum. For starters the first thing you notice is the cool sleek green look. It is very shiny and colorful so if you


Dreamgirls: Glitzy Musical Review

Dreamgirls is based on the successful Broadway musical and adapted to the screen by Bill Condon who also directed the film. I went to see this movie with no high


Mind Mapping Technique: A Unique Technique

Technology is a large and complex branch to study, learn and analyze right from the start to the very last detail. Simply because there is no start or no end