Your Spine And Associated Back Pain

February 11th, 2021

Understanding the outline your spine can help you understand what makes up the complicated system that operates within you. A cervical vertebra separates the two vertebrae at the top of your spine. Between these are disks and nerve roots. The thoracic vertebra is located in the center of the back. There is also the neuroformen which joins these components. It is also slightly higher than the disks. There is also the lumbar vertebra which is located on the other side. Facet joints are below the nerve roots and they are practically next to the pelvis. Below all of that is the sacrum and the sacroiliac joint. Now, the coccyx is the final piece of the puzzle and is at the bottom completing the entire spinal system.

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Having this basic knowledge of the spinal column can help when you are looking to find the source of any back pain. The spine is such an essential part of our bodies and is primarily involved in every move we make such as bending, twisting and others. Each time we use our back incorrectly, we can be running the risk of injury and causing either permanent or temporary back pain.

There are individual bones which make up the entire structure of the spine. There are 34 of these. They are made up of the facet joints, disk, vertebral body and the facet joints in the lower section of the entire unit.

There are fewer than five that make up the coccyx. They are referred to as the fuse bones and are commonly called the tail bone. This is not responsible for poise however. The actual spine acts to balance us. Falls could result from the inability to maintain poise.

Do You Have Coccygodynia?

If the coccyx breaks, this is called coccygodynia. This is a back condition that could easily lead to very serious pain. A car accident can easily result in a broken coccyx. Falling back or any other kind of trauma can also lead to this condition too. Basically speaking, it is not very difficult to break your coccyx.

You will most often feel an intensely sharp or stabbing pain in the back. This kind of pain is typically indicative that there has been some sort of injury to the coccyx. One other red flag that you have injured this particular area is that you may experience difficulty in just sitting down. This can be accompanied by pressure on the right side of the area and in some cases; there may be difficulty in normal bowel movements. You may have to request x-rays from a doctor. They may show a negative result for a broken coccyx which may lead to a diagnosis of a bruised coccyx.

There are several other bones that make up the spine, specifically five bones. This is where the sacrum meets. This bone is shaped like a triangle. It is in the lower region and helps make up the pelvis by being joined with the hip bone. The sacrum is connected at the lower region of the back. There are iliac bones located at the outer area of the pelvis. There are also larger bones known as the sacroiliac which are connected to the joints. These joints are part of the makeup of the hip bones and the sacrum and ilium.

One description says these bones are shaped much like a horse saddle and is flanked between the pelvis and sacrum. You may be wondering why one would find this information necessary since it is not the primary part of the spine. This particular area is the connective parts of the spine which can be the root of lower back pain primarily due to any deformities or asymmetry.