Planning a NASCAR Birthday Party

March 22nd, 2020

Does your child want a NASCAR themed birthday party this year? Are you at a loss of where to find all of the right party supplies to make it a great NASCAR party? If you are, then in this article you will be guided to the perfect online shop that would supply almost all of your party supplies and decorations for the right price, and you will also be receive guidance if you are going to purchase and do everything yourself with the resources around you.

At Birthday Direct, a website that specializes in providing party supplies for theme parties, you will find over 20 items for a NASCAR theme birthday party. They have curling ribbon, balloons, streamers, party napkins, invitations, cups, table covers, plates, and even some party favors. This online party shop offers delivery for all of their items within 3 days if you live in the continental United States, and they offer free deliveries to those who spend over $55 with them. This is a must checkout website!

NASCAR Party Invitations

Party invitations for a NASCAR birthday party are better off printed out. Find a nice NASCAR photo, and take it to your local print shop. Have them print some invitations for you with that on the cover. This will usually run you about $20 or so for 60 invitations.

If you would like to make your own, you can do so too. Purchase some solid red and blue invitations from a dollar store or from Wal-Mart where they run at about $2 for 10 invitations and then place car stickers all over them. Or you can also decorate them with paper printouts of NASCAR cars, flags or race tracks.

NASCAR Party Decorations

If you are going to be having the birthday party inside, consider hanging up streamers and attaching a couple of balloons to each chair as well to make it look festive. You can also hang up NASCAR posters, which you can have made at any local print shop for very little money. You should also make a banner out of butcher paper and paint in big letters “Happy Birthday (Honoree’s Name)” and hang it up somewhere where everyone will be able to see it.

For the tables, you can decorate them by using some nice NASCAR or car-themed plastic table cloths, or by using centerpieces. To make a nice centerpiece, purchase a couple of NASCAR small toy cars and place them inside some see through paper and then attach some ballooons to it. You can also use snack baskets as your centerpieces. Fill up a festive looking bowl with some chips and dips and place one in the center of each of your tables.

In addition to the above party decorations, you can also find NASCAR flags to hang around everywhere, even some that are like small banners on a string can be found at places like Party City.

NASCAR Party Games

The party games that can be played at a NASCAR theme party are mostly outdoors games. Consider building a small race track and then have the kids take turns racing manual controlled cars around. You can also have them play a relay where they themselves race from one place to another while you hold up flags to have them stop, slow down, or go fast. In addition to those two games, if you have a gaming console with some NASCAR games you could have them play a each other; either in teams or one by one to see who gets the fastest speed.

NASCAR Candy Bags

For candy bags you can use solid color ones, but make sure to fill them up with great party favors. Use toy cars, activity books, crayons, blowouts, whistles, caps, stickers, and anything else that you can find. At Party City you will find many small plastic toys to fill up your goody bags, and they almost all run under $7 per bag.

Other Tips  amp; Ideas

Birthday cakes for NASCAR themed birthday parties are not something that bakeries specialize or even do on a regular basis. Make sure to call your bakery and ask them if you could take them a picture of a NASCAR image so that they can print it atop your cake for you. You can also purchase small plastic NASCAR toy cars and have them place them atop your cake for you.

NASCAR parties are truly an interesting and unique theme as not many people have tried it out before as it is not one that you can associate with children’s birthday parties because they would have little knowledge of auto racing at that tender age. In fact, they won’t even be interested to knowing about it but just see it happening in front of their eyes. Therefore, most people prefer balloon sculpting to this one as they find it far more acceptable for the kids.