Hotel or Apartment: Where to Stay During Your Vacation?

March 20th, 2020

As a former, albiet brief, associate of the travel industry, I’m often asked my opinion of the large number of individuals offering their personal digs up to strangers for daily and weekly rentals on the Craigslist community. Truth be told, I actually have two extremely varying opinions on the subject. There are obvious advantages for the rentee, most notably the ability to enjoy the comforts of home verses the often cramped quarters of a hotel room, but that’s just the start. Staying in an apartment isn’t just about roominess, it’s an opportunity to experience life as a native to the city, or if you’re lucky, the country, in which you are visiting. It allows you to the freedom to immerse yourself in your surroundings, much like role playing. There are no distractions, no waiting in lines and best of all, there’s privacy. But it can’t all be marshmallow clouds and chocolate streams, can it?

Let’s put things in perspective. Think about your own apartment, or if you own your own home, someone you know. How often are things breaking down? Is it sanitary? Near impossible to get the superintendent over to fix or tweak something? It’s times like these one reflects on that Christmas bonus the super received from you last year. Odds are, the apartment that you’re considering for your next trip is not immune to these realities. In fact, one might also consider the character of an apartment that hosts strangers regularly. Besides, what can one really conclude from a hyped up blurb and a few tiny pictures? This is after-all, Craigslist, the very same source that brings you everything from wacky weed to the skin trade.

Since, I did mention two varying opinions, it’s only fair to look at things from two perspectives. As a renter, one is faced with risks as well. In fact, one might say the bigger risk. Yes, arriving at your destination and finding things have been a tad exaggerated is definitely discouraging, and yes, you are a stranger in a strange land, but you are a stranger nonetheless, and someone has just given you, a stranger, the keys to their home. It’s actually mind boggling when I think about all the potential for complications, not to mention the legalities of the situation. In fact, in my hometown of New York City, more often than not, it is illegal to rent your apartment in this fashion altogether. Time to peruse that lease, renters!

So, what’s the bottom line? There are obvious things to mull over when considering an apartment or a hotel, but in the end a reputable person with real references you can actually check is golden. Anyone can use a friend as a reference, but actual tenants will always share a real opinion. You really have to do your homework. It’s up to you to ask as many questions and do as much research as possible to make your stay a happy one. This may not always be an easy task not to mention you’ve got enough on your mind planning the actual vacation itself. An obvious solution, and the reason suppliers of hotel alternatives exist. is to seek out a professionally managed building offering multiple units, exclusive to temporary/vacation rentals. These are typically converted hotels or high rise buildings dedicated to corporate stays and feature full sized kitchens or kitchenettes, separate bedrooms and baths and just about everything else you left behind. Most importantly, these complexes have the staff required to maintain a level of service, “in-house” and more likely than not offer the hotel amenities you actually enjoy.

Be that as it may, you, at the end of the day, are here to enjoy your vacations and you should concentrate mainly on that and while the hotel may not offer you the services in the exact manner that you expect from it but still small time amenities that the hotel is unable to provide can be overlooked in front of the whole picture, which is that you enjoyed your stay here similarly that you would have done at Parc Central Residences, which is the first preference of people looking for a nice stay to spend their vacations.