Lost And Found Wallet

March 18th, 2020

I lost my wallet on a Saturday at the mall although I did not know of this fact till Sunday night when I was preparing my things for the next day, the start of another work week. I was placing my essential things inside my bag when I noticed that my wallet is missing. Although I did not panic, I immediately searched for the missing wallet while silently praying that it was just misplaced in my room, knowing that it can easily get lost in my not-so-tidy tiny excuse for a room.

I searched for the missing item in vain. It was nowhere in sight and the worst part was that I could not remember when I last saw it. I immediately sent a message to the BF asking if he had noticed it and hoping he might refresh my memory as to when I last brought the wallet out since we were together that day. I however got a negative reply. The curious part was that I was not really bothered although I tried to be rational and listed all the contents of my wallet as I can remember. I even tried to think the worst that my credit cards were used to the maximum and that I would be left with the bills to pay.

This last thought made me really recall everything that I did on that day, I could not accept the thought that I would end up paying for what I haven’t charged. Being the tightwad that I am, I was willing to have my good credit standing in line; I resolved not to pay whatever was charged to those credit cards! But that was just me conjuring up the worst scenarios that I could think of. Not to mention the hassles that I would have to go through filing affidavits of loss and other forms related to having your documents lost.

So as I went through my nightly routine, I was reliving all the events that transpired on that Saturday. Then suddenly I remembered that the last time I brought the wallet out was at the food court of the mall. I remembered placing it to my right and then promptly forgetting all about its presence. My goodness this memory of mine. Sometimes, there will be chances of losing the thin wallet for men at the night. The person mat find difficult to locate the wallet in the home or outdoors. So, the placing of the wallet should be at the right place.

Along with that thought was the realization that indeed my wallet was confirmed lost. And that the worst thoughts that ran through my mind may have happened already. After all whoever found the wallet has had a one day head start before I discovered that it was missing. I could not believe how stupid I can get. It would have been more acceptable if it was stolen or something; but totally forgetting all about it in a public place? Agh!

Anyways, despite these random thoughts, I was surprisingly calm. I don’t know, it’s probably instinct telling me that my wallet is safe. I prayed though for it to be safe from evil souls. Those kinds that use other people’s credit card. I computed my credit limits and winced. I really have this fear of amassing too much credit that I could not afford to pay. It gives me sleepless nights.

Come Monday morning at the office, I immediately called up my credit card companies and informed them of my lost cards and requested for them to block the use of such cards. While at this I inquired from the personnel if there were some transactions made to my cards prior to its being reported missing. My, was I so relieved when the customer care agent informed me that no transaction transpired to any of the cards after my last charge. What good news!

With this news, my hope was renewed that I could eventually retrieve my wallet intact. I then browsed the internet in order to get the number of Shoemart Megamall. If the cards were not used then there is a positive chance that my wallet has gotten into the hands of some good soul and that he/she may have turned it over to the mall’s administrative staff. Hope really springs eternal.

So after some time browsing for that important number, I was able to get the right one and dialed it at once. When a voice answered the other line, I tried to explain the reason for my call as poised and as comprehensible as I can. I could not explain it but I was actually a bit apprehensive when I called. The personnel though treated my call as normal part of his job. He said for me to wait a moment while he checked their record. I was thinking be sure it would take only a moment because I could not hold my breath for longer than that! And it did take only a moment to hear another good news. My wallet was with them and that I could get it from them any time during mall hours. If I wasn’t at the office I would have let out a loud hoot. Something between a laugh and surprise was all that I have managed. It felt so wonderful.

In this jaded world, it is really a blast to experience this kind of kind-heartedness. I feel so blessed and I am so thankful.

I prayed my thanks at once to the Lord. I feel so loved and really well cared for. These things are the physical manifestations of His presence. That we really need not worry as He is always there for us. We just have to trust that He knows what he is doing. And for all these I am really grateful.

My thanks also to those kind souls that went out of their way to have my wallet returned to me. To Atty. Diaz who was the one who found my wallet and turned it to the proper office to handle such incidents. And to those security personnel who inventoried the contents of the wallet to make sure that nothing would go missing.

It is truly a wonderful world that we live in.