6 Quick and Easy Long Hairstyles for Women

March 16th, 2020

Long hair can be very attractive on a woman but it also can be a hassle at the same time. Sometimes you love your long hair and sometimes you just wish it would go away. For those women who have long hair, you might be trying to come up with some quick and easy hairstyles. If you are a woman who has long hair and want some quick and easy new hairstyles to try out, then you should think about trying some of these ideas.

One quick and easy hairstyle for long hair is the low ponytail. The low ponytail is something that can look great while still being quick and easy to achieve. All you do is gather your hair loosely at the base of your scalp and with one hand hold your hair and the other hand put a hair band around the pony tail. The loose pony tail look is only achieved if you leave a few inches from the end of your scalp to the hair band. The hair band can be secured tightly or can be just tied around your hair a couple times depending on how you think it looks both ways. The loose ponytail is very fashionable and can be worn on either side of your head depending on which side you prefer. This is a very easy way to make a dull ponytail look classy and fun.

You can also braid your hair for a simple and easy hairstyle for long hair. Braids are very classy and can be done using all of your long hair or just half of your long hair. You can take the top half of your hair and braid it to the back of your head and secure it with a hair band for a very classy look while still keeping a lot of your hair down. If you want to have all of your hair in the braid then you can part it in two sections and braid each side of your hair down to the base of your scalp and secure it with a hair band. These are two classy looks and simple ways to make your long hair look even better.

The bun is also another great simple and quick hairstyle for long hair and can be worn by women of any age. For the bun all you do is gather your hair up to the middle of your head with one hand and with the other hand twist your hair. When your hair begins to untwist a little you then will secure it with a hair band. This is a messier look for long hair but it still looks great once it is finished.

Women are advised to not be oversensitive about their hair and simply resort to looking for theĀ premier laser hair removal in Michigan on the advice of an overzealous friend as that can be disastrous. A bun is more welcome due to it giving a soft feel to the tied hair and makes them look more attractive.

You can also get the wavy hairstyle pretty simple and fast and it makes for a very classy look for any woman with long hair. All you do is get some salt spray which you can find at any drug store and spray it in your hair. While you are spraying this into your hair take your hand and bunch the hair up toward the top of your head. Do not crunch your hair together too hard or it will look too complicated. Hold the crunch for a few seconds and then let your hair go to achieve a fast and easy wave look.

Another great long hairstyle is the crooked part and this is a very simple and easy hairstyle that looks great on anyone with long hair. For this hairstyle the only thing you will need is a comb and this hairstyle can be done in less than one minute. Take the comb and use a couple of the teeth in your hair starting at the front of your head and zigzag the comb from left to right a little creating an uneven part. The part should naturally at that point become crooked once the comb is removed. You can then spray some hairspray to hold the part where you went through with the comb and then can also add some hair clips if you would like. This is a very simple hairstyle and it gives the look like you have uneven hair or layered hair which is also very classy.

You can also create the underneath ponytail by using your hands and a hair tie. The underneath ponytail is a classic look and is very quick and easy to do. First thing you want to do is gather your hair either on the top of the back of your head or in the middle of your head. Hold your hair in one hand while with the other hand loosely wrap a hair band around it once or twice be sure to not get the hair band too close to the scalp. Leaving room to work, you can then insert a finger into your hair making a hole at the top of the hair band and then take your hair and flip it through the hole. You can then tighten the underneath pony tail by grabbing it and pulling it or you can just wrap the hair band a couple more times around your hair. This is a very easy and fast hairstyle for long hair and can be done to your whole head or you can divide your hair into sections for a very elegant look as well.