Ways to Use Hidden Fragrances in the Home

March 14th, 2020

Many people use air fresheners to add fragrance to their homes. Others use candles, incense, scented carpet fresheners, sprays and more. Entire aisles are devoted to home fragrances, and it is a very lucrative business. However, a home can smell great without buying these types of products. It is amusing when people wonder why your house smells exceptionally good, especially when the source of the scent is hidden. Although there are molds and other elements that can grow in your house and can disrupt the fragrance of your house. In order to get rid of these foul smells, you can hire a home mold testing company that will help you in getting rid of all these molds. 

I use hidden fragrances in my home, and I continuously receive compliments from guests. I prefer vanilla, lavender, and other soft scents, and people have asked what it is. I usually just smile and say that I am not sure. It could be one of my candles, or it could be something else. I do not feel the need to divulge all of my home decor secrets, at least not to guests.

Stick with Coordinating Scents

Multiple fragrances that are noticeable only smell good if the scents coordinate. Vanilla goes well with just about any fragrance, even a floral scent. Besides the softness of the scent, it smells rich and pleasant. Vanilla goes well with the fruity fragrances as well.

When trying to use hidden fragrances in the home, make sure they coordinate or the results might be anything but pleasant. Floral fragrances can clash terribly if improperly used. Always check fragrances before making a commitment. They can have pleasant names and smell absolutely repulsive, especially when combined.

Place Potpourri in Unique Wall Baskets

Wall baskets provide a great way to use hidden fragrances in the home. I recently purchased a wall basket for my dining room. As the photo shows, the top was woven into the shape of a heart, and the bottom was woven into a beautiful basket. I lined the basket with dried moss, and I filled it with highly scented vanilla potpourri. The scent is detectable upon entering the dining room, but it is otherwise hidden. I also purchased vanilla essential oil to touch up the fragrance when it fades.

Create Scented Baskets

The contents of baskets do not have to be the source of a hidden scent. The essential oil in any fragrance available can be used to add scent to woven baskets. It will moisturize the wood while adding fragrance. Simply apply essential oil with a clean soft cloth. The source of the scent will be hidden from sight, but it will be very apparent upon entering the home or a specific room. A little goes a long way, and even though it can be quite costly, it will not cost nearly as much as electrical plug-in scents and fragrant candles that quickly burn away.