Edema and Back Pain

March 10th, 2020

Edema is when excessive fluid in the body causes abnormal swelling. Basically, there is too much fluid in a certain part of the body and the tissue becomes saturated and swollen. Edema can cause serious pain and can be one of the causes of serious back pain.

Lets explore some of the causes of edema. A slow and sluggish heart that is not efficient in pumping blood can cause a build up of fluid in the tissues. Also, an injury to a certain part of the body that causes a blockage in blood flow can contribute to fluid build up. Even inhaling too much smoke in a smoky room or area can cause edema. In short anything that blocks circulation can lead to excess fluid in the tissues.

According to spine surgery in Austin, symptoms of edema can include overall tiredness or general fatigue. Coughing for no apparent reason can also indicate edema could be a problem. Of course swelling in the joints or different parts of the body are a sure sign that edema is present. A very serious symptom of edema is low cardiac output or in other words the heart is not pumping blood efficiently. These symptoms may be very destructing and people who suffer from these conditions will certainly have a hard time dealing with them.

If Edema is present treatment is extremely important. Physicians treat edema by limiting fluid intake and advising the individual to rest more than usual. Oddly enough physicians also prescribe a certain kind of exercise known as isometric training. An isometric exercise is when an individual pushes hard against a wall or floor to strengthen certain muscles. This is effective in strengthening the muscles , yet does not require the muscle to contract. This type of exercise is often prescribed when edema is contributing to back pain.

So, how does edema contribute to back pain? Good question as it seems to be unrelated on the surface. However, when the heart does not pump blood efficiently all of the tissues in the body suffer. The joints, the ligaments, tendons and any connective tissue are inhibited from working properly. If joints are affected then range of motion is decreased leading to muscle spasms and overall pain and discomfort in the back.

Although back pain is common edema is one of the more serious causes of back pain. So back pain can be a symptom of edema and can indicate a more serious problem. It is important to recognize and treat the root of the problem(edema) as quickly as possible. When edema is treated properly, then a whole slew of other issues will clear up automatically. Back pain is one of those physical issues that will go away when the edema is gone. All the contributing physical problems will also disappear including joint pain, muscle pain, tightness and limited range of motion which all lead to back pain will be considerably better. Thus, back pain will also be reduced significantly.