Simple Tips On Fixing Electronics With Severed Wires

March 8th, 2020

When electronic wires have been severed for whatever reason (Pets, kids, accidents) the natural reaction for a person is to throw the electrical device away. Throwing away electronics is hard to do. We love our gadgets and do not like the idea of either not having them or having to buy them again. Here I will teach you how to reconnect a severed electronic wire in order to raise your electronic devices from the dead and keep you from grief. Now this process takes some time, and you may need to buy swome handy tools at today,  but the process is well worth the money you will save.

Fixing Severed Electronics Wires Step One: Unplug the electronic device and the severed wires you will be repairing.

Fixing Severed Electronics Wires Step Two: Take a look at each end of the severed electronic wires to identify what you’re working with. Identify how many separate wires are inside the wire casing. Each of these wires will be wrapped in its own colored casing. It’s important that you look at each individual wire and understand that you will be connecting each color to the same color on the other severed end making sure not to let any of the exposed wires touch any other wires.

Fixing Severed Electronics Wires Step Three: Now that you have an idea of what you will be doing let’s get started by stripping the wires, but before we strip the wires let’s go ahead and cut off any fringed wires so we can work with a nice a clean area. Stripping the wire is necessary and it will also give you a nice clean visual of what step 2 was talking about. Start your stripping about 3 inches under the cut off end. You have to be really careful not to apply too much pressure when stripping electronic wires. If you’re not careful you will severe the wire. Severing the wire isn’t that much of a problem since that’s what we are correcting anyway but each time you have to fix a severed electronic wire you will lose some cord length in the process. Don’t get too down on yourself for making some mistakes because we can correct them. With that said, don’t be carefree either. Wire strippers are the best way to get a nice easy cut but if you don’t have any wire strippers and don’t want to buy any you can always use scissors.

Using Wire Cutters:

Wire cutters look like scissors but have fittings for different wire sizes that make it easy to strip. Just simply find a fitting that does not cut through the wire when you clamp down on the handles but instead holds it firmly. Keep it clamped and pull with a little less than medium effort and the wire casing should pull right off.

Using Scissors:

When using scissors to strip the casing from the wires, you must be careful not to cut too deep so you don’t cut through the wires. Clamp down on the casing with the scissors just hard enough to put a slight cut in the wire casing. Once you have a slight cut started keep the same pressure applied and twist the scissors in a circular motion around the wire. So you don’t apply too much pressure you should know that your goal isn’t to make a perfect cut around the wire, a deep dent will work, and you just need to wear it down enough that you can remove the casing by pulling it off with the scissors. Make dents and pull and repeat until you get the wire case off. After the main casing is off you may see some silver casing. That’s just insulation so go ahead and remove it as you just did with the casing, or use the scissors in a traditional way to slide the scissors so that the isolation is between the blades making sure the wires will not get cut by the scissors.

Fixing Severed Electronics Wires Step Four: With the entire wire casing removed you will be able to see exactly how many electrical wires you need to mend together. As stated in step 2 each separate wire should be coated in its own colored covering. You will be matching each severed color to its mate on the other half of the severed wire to become a complete wire once again. Strip each wire down and use the techniques from step 3 so that the actual wire is exposed. To connect the wires you can twist them together and cover the wires with electrical tape to hold them together. You have to make sure you have twisted the wires really tight and applied the electrical tape tight as well or else you will lose the electrical connection and your electrical device will not work as you want it to. I recommend buying electrical wire twist caps. They are inexpensive plastic caps that will hold the wires tight and are easy to use. Note that these caps come in different sizes for different wires so if you’re not sure of the size you may want to buy an assorted variety. To use these electrical wire twist caps grab each end of the exposed wire and hold them together side by side facing up like a candle. Gently twisting them together just enough a couple of times will do. Place an electronic wire twist cap over the wires and twist down. The electronic wire twist cap should twist right on and hold the wires together and in place. Finish up by covering the twist cap and any exposed wire with electrical tape. The electrical tape will work as your new wire covering. For each wire simply repeat step 4 until everything is all back together. Make sure that none of the other wires are touching. Only the wires that were originally connected as the same wire should ever touch.