Reconnecting: Internet Social Networks Vs. Old Fashioned Meet & Greet

March 8th, 2020

You’re looking through an old high school year book. Maybe a reunion is approaching and you want to catch up on old times. There’s just page after page of cheerleaders, football players, the Chess Club perhaps, homecoming events and maybe a few plays. You get through all of that and come across the old black and white pictures of the people you had some of those great memories with. Maybe some of those memories could be considered the best times of your life. As you sit there flipping the old yellowing pages, you may wonder, “what ever happened to Nicholas?” or “I wonder if Beth and Johnny ever got married?”. Which ever thought rolls through your head, it is much easier to find those answers with today’s technology than it used to be.

I’m sure most everyone has at least heard of MySpace, Facebook or Friendster among many other social networking sites. It’s so easy to do. You sign up for your own account. You can put up your picture. You can include where you went to school, your relationship status, if you have kids and even what religion you are. The greatest feature for the curious cats out there is the option to look up a person by name or email. You can even search by your entire graduating class. It’s a pretty cool thing. I have to say, I’ve given into the trend and reconciled with many old friends and family as well. However, it just seems so easy. The trend can be followed after getting instant instagram views for desired results of the person. The views will convert into the real likes on the account of the person. The connection will be good with the old and new friends through the social sites.

It really made me think. What happened to the days when, let’s say, you might be in a hurry to get the kids, or on your way to the grocery store and you just “bump” into someone. You look up to see that it was an old best friend of yours that you haven’t seen in 15 or 20 years. You get excited and curious. What have they been up to? What are they doing in this part of town? A complete feeling overwhelms you like you’ve been waiting for that moment forever, with out ever even realizing it. You exchange information with that person and you tell him/her that you promise to stay in touch and you’ll get together for a drink soon. You part ways with a smile, almost forgetting what it was you were in a hurry to do to begin with. You just feel great.

That said, which is more rewarding? Which would you prefer? The immediate gratification that social networks provide when you want to find someone or the great feeling you get when you randomly run into someone you haven’t seen in years? Hmmm… I suppose both ways are great. You still feel great from reconnecting one way or the other. I just can’t help wondering, would I have ever crossed paths with my old friends again had these social networks not have been around? I guess I’ll never know.