Looking For a Reliable Long Range Rifle Scope Under $500?

March 3rd, 2020

Are you on the hunt of a long range rifle scope but don’t wish to shell out too much initially? It could be that you are just starting out with rifles and don’t need the expensive professional ones immediately. Well, nothing to worry as you will get some excellent options within budget as well. One good example here would be Vivreal20-60×80 HD Spotting Scope. If one has to list Top 5 Best Long Range Rifle Scopes under $500, this one is sure to top the roster.

You must be looking forward to know more about the scope by now? The good thing is the post below offers a brief on 20-60×80 HD Spotting Scope so that you can take an informed decision.

Superior clarity

One of the most important things that you must check beforehand while getting a rifle scope is the quality of clarity. And the Vivreal piece is sure to impress you here hands down. The product comes with 20-60×80 HD spotting scope which features a blend of full multi-coated optical pathway and nitrogen-packed magnesium housing that promise premium zoom optic excellent for long-range observation. The spotting telescope sports phase-corrected high quality BaK4 prisms that help to optimize light transmission as well as generate color faithful contrast-rich images.

Excellent design and craftsmanship

The scope is equipped with 45 degree Angled eyepiece which is lightweight and also promises excellent performance- thanks to 20-60x magnification. Its central focal adjustment would tune into a viewfield of say 104.4 feet at thousand yards; with near-focus capacity of 20x. The entire product weighs just 2.53 pounds and covers a handy length of say 17”. If you are on the lookout of carefree optic that promises excellent value, look no further.

Weather-sealed construction

If you have been worrying that you might not get a quality scope within budget, well, you are wrong. You will be glad to know some of the best pieces are still there in the market and they come well within $500. This particular one assures not only excellent durability but also weather-sealed construction. And all that in less than $200. yes, you heard it absolutely right. The Spotting Scope is armed with nitro-filled fog-proof and waterproof design that allows it take on even the toughest of environments. Its Rubber Armor and highly durable frame assure shock-proof, non-slip grip as well as hardy external lasting safeguard.  Its eyepiece shield could be extended out if you need an extra stretch to shield the eyepiece.

Various accessories

The Spotting Scope does not come alone. Much to the convenience of users, the scope is packaged with a diverse range of accessories, including table tripod, wire-free remote control and phone mounting kit. Then, the screw base of the scope is a standard tapped ¼-20 hole which works with most of the floor tripods. Besides, thanks to the remote control, you would be able to take videos and photographs of stuff that you will observe.

Quality within budget

As mentioned previously, the Spotting Scope costs less than 200 bucks. But, don’t focus to much on the price. Even at this price range, you are getting a highly accurate, stylish as well as amazing portable scope for your rifle. It’s no doubt one of the best buys when you are an amateur and you can even carry on with it on your intermediate level.