Kopar At Newton Condo- Luxury Apartment

March 2nd, 2020

What is the most ardent desire of any person these days? Well, it all depends on his profession and his current needs. For example, a schoolboy will want nothing more than chocolates and video games.

College going lads aspire for nothing more than a degree and a well paid job after graduation in a world renowned organization in order to provide a better lifestyle for the family.

People who are working day and night to make ends meet do so not only for the sake of it but to improve their financial conditions so as to get a raise or an increment in their salaries.

Once you are graduated from college, you have to leave the comforts of home and struggle in a new city in order to survive the harsh realities of life and this you have to do with utmost dedication.

For only then will you have an apartment of your own or atleast a room on rent as that would give you a roof over your head.


The circumstances have gone from bad to worse as far as the job market is concerned and people have no choice but to adjust with the circumstances.  In such cases, a rented combo is surely a welcome change as it can give you your own space which you can occupy for good measure.

This may be difficult to believe but it is for the betterment of young individuals as it will help them adjust to a changed environment and learn to live life the hard way and a condo is nothing to feel bad about to tell the truth.

It is basically a small residential household which has a number of units adjacent to each other in the same building which means that to different houses are separated by a wall in between.

Kopar Newton

Coming to the topic for the day, there is a reputed real estate company called Kopar Newton that has some of the most fabulous condos in the world. The head office is located in Singapore and is quite a Porsche locality surrounding the area which is surrounded by greenery on all sides.

It was developed by CELH Development Pvt Ltd and it has offices from all over the world where it is one of the giant organizations when it comes to real estate with little competition from any corner of the world.

Bear in mind that the cost does not matter when it comes to quality and it is difficult to get a nice condo these days where a number of people can co-exist in harmony but Kopar Newton is an exception and has become the center of the attraction after nearly 10 bids by reputed industrialists.

In fact, the highest bid has been so strong that the price of Kopar at Newton premises is estimated to be around $1800 psf. It goes without saying that the selling price of each unit will be ranging from $1500 to$2000 psf.

Also, the GFA is said to be around 350,400 sq ft with around 520 condo units and has become the first ever site to be confirmed under the land scale program, which is a government venture.

To sum up, Kopar Newton is one of the major reasons that has made Singapore a hub of tourist attraction which has become stronger with each passing day.