The Truth About Computer Repair Shops

February 10th, 2020

At any given point in your life, if it hasn’t already happened, you computer WILL need work. It’s bound to happen. Luckily for me, I’ve been around computers most of my life and therefore I can diagnose and fix them myself now. But, still, I can’t fix every problem my computer has. Only with time and practice did I achieve such knowledge. The average person doesn’t know enough to fix their computer, so they resort to a computer repair shop. Is a repair shop the best option?

Let me take you back, to the first time our computer needed repair, due to the massive amount of viruses but all of them has been easily resolved by the expertise of master computer Perth servicing department that also given me the tutorials on, how to boost up the performance of laptop?. Well, upon arrival to the shop, they assured us they’d have our computer working again. With a big sigh of relief, we left the shop to wait for a phone call within the next week.

When that phone call arrives, we are stricken with terrible news. They were going to have to format our drive, and we would lose our files. Understandable.

What wasn’t understood, however, is how our bill got to be so high. My mother returned with a receipt; nearly $300 total. Upon arriving at home, I discovered what we paid for. They gave us another copy of windows, the same exact version. Well, gee, thanks for asking if I had already owned windows or not.

Feeling ripped, used, and abused, my computer lasted less than a full year. This time, something had totally crashed my windows, and I’d never see more than a boot to blue screen. We took it to a different repair place, this time we were looking for someone who knew what they were doing. When our computer returned, we weren’t charged quite as much as before, but what we found was priceless: the SAME windows we have 2 copies of, and nothing else to show.

Really? Thinking I had picked the two worst local PC repair shops in the state, next time we chose a bigger name company. Someone we had heard a lot of good things about, and I was very optimistic about this one. This time, our computer returned with the newest copy of windows, which we paid for. None of our files were backed up, and we were charged over double for some anti-virus software.

Be very wary about who to choose when it comes to your personal computer repair problems. I don’t need a degree to put a windows CD in and format everything, Windows walks you though this process. I’m starting to believe all repair shops’ protocol is to re-format and reinstall windows. Consider Best Buy’s “Geek Squad” or call technical support and fix it yourself. You might save yourself a few hundred bucks.