Connect 4: Planned Strategy Can Help You Win

January 20th, 2020

The world keeps on evolving from time to time in every few centuries to cater to the change of times and technology too plays an important role here. Childhood is universally as the best phase of life which, sadly, never comes back again.

What are the things most memorable about childhood that makes it so enthralling, exciting and irreplaceable. Well, there are many things to talk about and one which cannot be explained into words.

You must remember all the games that you must have played during childhood like hide and seek, marbles, basketball, baseball, etc. made up the outdoor games. Indoor games comprised of chess, snake & ladders, business, ludo, dice, to name a few.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, another one that comes into mind is connect four game. Now, this is not what many people would remember as its quite different from others, but just as entertaining and memorable. Unfortunately, not many people talk about it and find it difficult to recall and therefore it is quite underrated in comparison to others.

Connect 4 is one that every child should learn to play at an early age as it will prove to be extremely useful for the near future. It has the capacity to enhance the brainpower as it involves enormous thinking and a worked out strategy in order to win.

It is one that can be played by people of different age groups right from 10 to 90 years. There must be atleast two players involved so as to make it valid as it is a game of connection.

The players have to choose a color of their choice and have to, turnwise, drop the colored disc from the top of the board into the seven column grid that is suspended vertically.

Once the pieces fall into the board, they occupy any available space or opening that can be found in the column. The first person who gets to form a line that is in horizontal, vertical or diagonal format wins the game.

After going through it, you might find it similar to tic tac toe and why not? It will definitely remind you of the game that you must have played numerous times at home and in school.

Connect 4 is a game of strategy that can be played both on computer as well as with board and disk. The slots are in the form of vertical and horizontal shape and it will take a great deal of thinking and studying to work out a plan before dropping the disc into the board.

So, you can see, just like chess, you will need to strategize your move before your opponent does so. What happens in chess is that you have to study your opponent’s mind through his eyes and try to work out what move is he going to plan next and you have to simultaneously think the same.

There are a number of strategies that will help you to get through with connect 4 but the most important one is that you must focus on the center as the middle portion will get you more chances of moving forward  and add up more connections.

It will help you to move in different directions without needing to bother about other portions.

A final strategy is that you have to take advantage of your opponent’s blunders and strike him the moment you spot it.