Electric Razors: Keep Your Skin Safe

January 9th, 2020

In this new age, who doesn’t want to look young and handsome? Is there any person in existence who has not dreamed of looking attractive and young forever until death? There have been speculations that there is a plant or stream in the high mountain peaks or extreme hilly areas that will make an individual look young and active even during advanced age.

Of course, they are nothing more than codswallop and designed just to fool the general public or make them feel good even if they do not look as they aspire to. While it is true that it is the inner beauty of a person that counts, it is only those who look seemingly ugly on the outside due to some ailment or accident or injury are the ones who are sympathized and pitied upon.

The people whose looks are natural and if they do not match the stereotypical tall, handsome and macho features, are subjected to pain and treated as an object of ridicule and who are ostracized from society just because they are not considered good looking.

Another popular phrase is beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder: it does not matter how you look physically on the outside, it is what others see in you that makes them notice you.

If you see yourself as ugly, the other person may not see you the same way and if you deem yourself beautiful, someone else may judge you based on your inner personality that reflects in your behavior.

Boys, in particular, are obsessed with looking young, handsome and attractive and yearn to be in the notice of good looking girls so as to be with them all the time and compliment them. They do so just so that girls, beautiful ones, fawn over their looks.

Whenever someone lays eyes on another person, the first thing they see is their face and it is that they boys take care of so as to look good and make other people take notice.

Today, salons are full of such people who want everything done from facial to manicure and care a fig for the expenses even if it is way out of their budget. This aspect has been highlighted in a recent survey that the saloon business has seen an upswing and is in booming phase.

Shaving is done through razors but people whose skin is soft and sensitive are most prone to cuts, rashes and pimples that occur both during and after shaving. The skin is not able to tolerate all the paraphernalia process of shaving and gives way to skin diseases and dry skin.

Fortunately for them, they have the trimmers and electric razors to turn to as they are the modern tools for today’s generation rather than the traditional method of water, soap, shaving cream and foam.

The electric razors have proven to be the best bet for keeping sensitive skin intact from cuts and blisters and all it requires is a simple nassrasierer test to confirm it.

Here is how electric razors are used for sensitive skin:

  • Foil and rotary are two types of electric razors where one is has moving blades while the other has three layers that has a spinning blade
  • As it is powered by motor, keep the speed at medium level as increasing it would make the blade fast and the hair would be ripped out and could cause blisters
  • Take care to keep the wireless ones away from water as it could cause a short circuit