Foldable Electric Scooters You Can’t Miss In 2019!

December 1st, 2019

Commuting from your home to the office is one of the most stressful thoughts that can cross your mind every morning! In order to make your commute easier and interesting simultaneously, scooters can be an easy solution. Besides, an electric scooter uses electricity making them ecofriendly. With the increasing pollution levels, electric vehicles are the alternative that should be sought for! The foldable ones occupy less space and can be an amazing option for an interesting commute around the city! You simply don’t need to depend on public transport or face the enormous traffic situations on city streets. The scooter enables you to drive through short cuts and reach your destination without any delay!

Here are the options of the best foldable electronic scooters you need to explore in 2019!

MI Xiomi

Among the great spectrum of gadgets gifted to us by the Xiomi, is the foldable electric scooter. With a stylish and unique look, it comes with a minimalistic design! The intuitive design makes it easy to ride. It has an amazing battery range as it claims to function for 18.6 miles battery range in suitable conditions. Besides the five times better range, it has an amazing fast speed! The scooter moves with a speed of 15.5 miles an hour. This scooter becomes a great deal for the owner, with its double-braking system!

We can’t forget that this has a foldable feature. It is light and flexible, can be stored away in the nook as you swiftly flip, fold and clip it up. For a smooth ride, it has 8.5-inch tires, placed in the front and the rear, which is excellent for absorbing shocks! To add to all the features, it has a feather-like weight and has LED lights to display the battery levels. You can enjoy smooth transportation with this amazing MI innovation.

Razor E300 Model

This foldable electronic scooter comes with an amazing feature to suit your city life. The innovative design of the wheels ensures that you can travel through the topsy turvy roads of the city without much hindrance. The 40psi wheels enable you to travel up and down a hilly terrain without much effort. It claims to hold up to 220lbs weight, and its smooth handlebar enables you to stop quickly! The 12-volt battery set up ensures that you can travel without worry for 30 to 45 minutes continuously.
You can opt for this model as this has a fast charging facility compared to other compact scooters!

Mercane Wide Wheel

Now presenting the scooter with the highest power backup you can think of! This has the feature of holding 500 watts. There are two 48-volt motors, each comprising of 500 watts. With the claim of travelling 31 miles, you can approximately commute 20 miles if the battery is charged continuously for six hours without any interruptions. Besides, you will be overwhelmed by its speed. It is nothing short of flying experience as you can ride 25 miles in an hour! The chic look of this bike will definitely draw attention as you go for a long weekend ride on the scooter. The brakes provide a smooth experience as you drive smoothly along the road!

Ninebot KickScooter

This is another product which will be a mindboggling experience for your investment. With a stylish look, this scooter is not only featuring an easy folding technique but is lightweight at the same time. It is value for your investment and can travel with a speed of 15.5 miles in an hour. You can just invest three hours and get it completely charged. The safety measures ensured in this scooter is extraordinary. It looks after complete rider safety with interlocking brakes. You can easily put a break to your ride without any heavy jerk. The wide wheels provide an added advantage to the safety locking system of the electronic scooter!
It has an LED display to mark the battery condition, and the lights at the front and rear keep it shining on a night trip. The scooter also features Bluetooth connectivity and the power mode display!

It maintains your health safety and helps to reach your destination just on time!

Glion Dolly

Dolly boasts of zero to no maintenance with all the perks of an ideal folding electronic scooter. Its self-standing aspect makes folding much easier than the other bikes. You are relieved of a heavy baggage as it folds into a roller suitcase, and you can transport it from one place to another. The battery and the chainless motor make it completely ecofriendly, and the controls attached to it are water resistant ensuring no damage from the rains. The fast charging feature and the long distance travelling make gives all the advantages that you can seek for in a foldable scooter!