A Definitive Guide On Buying Gold Jewellery

November 15th, 2019

Buying gold jewellery is a risky business. It’s not the same as buying a sandwich or a new pair of shoes where the only thing that matters most is the aesthetic. This might be a bit hard to believe since the main purpose of jewellery, after all, is to boost the appeal of a certain wardrobe or fashion statement.

However, there is really more to buying jewellery than meets the eye. You have to look beyond than just the aesthetic appeal of the item because purchasing gold jewellery means saying goodbye to huge chunks of money. To help you become a better decider when it comes to buying gold jewellery, we prepared this definitive guide just for you.

Know The Purity Level Of The Gold

Have you ever wondered what makes gold so expensive and valuable? The answer lies in the purity level of the gold at hand.

The purer the gold is, the higher its value is. However, this does not mean that you have to settle for the purest gold of all.

There are two factors that you need to consider before deciding on the level of purity that you want for your gold jewellery.

First, you need to ask yourself what your gold will be useful for. If you plan to wear your jewellery every day then it probably would not be a very good idea to buy something of pure gold since these things are soft and tend to break easily.

If you are looking for jewellery that you can wear for casual events then you might as well look for low-karat pieces.

Another aspect that you need to consider would be your compatibility with the metals that were used in the jewellery.

These types of items are usually made out of materials other than gold. Nickels are one good example of a metal that is often used in jewellery along with gold. Since some people are allergic to nickels, there isn’t a lot of people who could wear this kind of accessory.

Evaluate The Quality

There is a saying that goes “Not everything that glitters is gold”.

There is a lot of jewellery out there that looks like it is made of gold but actually isn’t. Very are made from 24-karat solid gold but there are also ones that are gold plated and gold-filled.

As the name implies, gold-filled jewellery often refers to accessories that are filled with gold. Most buyers prefer this one because it is the second most valued accessory after the 24-karat gold. They also do not fade or change colour over time.

On the other hand, there is also the gold plated jewellery which is made out of non-gold metals. Once the foundation is finished, manufacturers dip into liquid gold hence the name gold-plated jewellery.

This is more budget-friendly compared to gold-filled jewellery because the plate is usually thin and will wear off easily. They are always readily available in the market but the sale is not always regulated by the state. Gold-plated accessories are often referred to as Hip Hop Jewelry because they are an alternative to real gold. The only difference is that gold-plated jewellery is more of a fashion item whereas gold-filled jewellery has actual value.

Choose Your Colors

If you purchase pure gold then it is most likely to appear in yellow colour. However, it is not recommended to purchase this kind of gold because as mentioned earlier, it is soft and malleable.

Know that when you are out looking for gold jewellery, you have other options in terms of colour aside from yellow gold.

  • White Gold

This looks a lot like silver, only a little brighter. White gold is just as popular as yellow gold when it comes to engagement rings. It is sometimes paired with yellow gold in items called two-toned jewellery.

  • Rose Gold

This is also quite a sensation when it comes to wedding rings due to the pink blush effect. In order for that effect to be achieved, gold creators have to add copper to the gold. Crown Gold is a kind of Rose Gold jewellery that has about 75% gold and 25% copper.

Bottom line

You have to always remember that there is more to gold jewellery than just mere fashion statements and ornaments. If you want to buy one, there are many aspects that you need to learn and consider. Gold is serious business. One uninformed move and you will end up with an expensive accessory that won’t last long. It is important to study your options.