Pet Insurance: Why Every Pet Owner Should Have It

November 8th, 2019

Have you thought about purchasing pet insurance for your pet? Years ago, pet insurance was not available for our pets. Perhaps even some owners never considered a need! Some pet owners thought just the idea of purchasing insurance for an animal was ridiculous.

Today, the nation is realizing more and more that our pets are a vital part of the family. Having a pet has been found to be beneficial to the health of the elderly. Just as we are very aware of the medical needs of human family members, we also are aware of the medical needs of our pets.

For interested consumers, insurance company’s are now offering pet insurance. There is no need today to put a pet to sleep when they become sick or injured. Today, with the proper veterinary care, a pet can be healed of an illness or tended to through recovery from an accident. However, receiving the proper care can be expensive.

Caring for an injured animal in the proper conditions, assuring the proper treatment and care can run an owner into the thousands. Recently, an owner discovered her dog was having major breathing problems. After rushing the animal to the veterinarian, her pet was placed on breathing equipment for a while, then sent to an animal hospital. The veterinarian recommended around the clock care for two days. The two day stay along with medicine, oxygen, food and cleaning cost the owner approximately $500.

In addition to the hospital stay, the emergency care was a good hit in the pocket. Had the owner invested in medical or health insurance, their out of pocket cost would have been $50 plus approximately 10% of the final cost for treatment.

Pet insurance plans can vary. By selecting the type care from a series of available options, monthly premiums range from about $19 a month upwards. Shopping around for the best plan for your pet, offering the best benefits, at a price you can afford is advised. Just as with any insurance policy, premiums vary by company, state, location and benefits.

Who Should Consider Pet Insurance

Anyone who owns a pet should consider pet insurance. However, those having pets who have lively outdoor lives should definitely consider pet insurance. Pets playing outside come in contact with more issues that could cause health issues later. If your pet has a pre-diagnosed condition, it is also a good idea to obtain pet insurance. Believe it or not, there are insurances that will write a policy for a pre-diagnosed condition. Or, if you simply love you pet, want to assure their good health and take them for regular checkups, health insurance will be of benefit. Weigh the cost versus the condition. If by chance your pet is healthy and does not have any issues other than being a ‘pet’, perhaps placing the monthly premium into a savings account will be more beneficial.

What Types of Insurance Are Available for Pets

Each company offering pet insurance writes policies based on guidelines. However, there are specific questions asked when trying to obtain pet insurance: Pet type, age, any diagnosed conditions and amount and type of coverage desired.

Can Pet Insurance Be Purchased Anywhere

Purchasing pet insurance can be obtained anywhere, on line, companies offer guides to obtaining the insurance needed in addition to providing a quote and immediate activation of the insurance policy. Most companies have a grace period. The time can range from 14 to 30 days in most instances.

Is My Pet Snake Insurable

A few pet insurers offer insurance for animals other than just the cat or dog. Some offer insurance for birds, snakes and any exotic pet. If your pet can be assisted by a veterinarian, the insurance provider might offer a plan.

Anyone who loves their pet and wants to assure they have the care needed when needed regardless of cost should consider pet insurance. At present, the only insurance found was limited to cats and dogs, however, who knows what may be available in the future.

should i have life insurance?

Yes, you should get your pet a life insurance. It is a really good way to protect your furry friends. This is way to make sure that you can afford medical services for your pet just in case your pet is not well.