An Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Necklace!

October 28th, 2019

Necklaces add up to the finishing of any kind of outfit. Women are crazy about wearing necklaces with their formals as well as casuals. Choosing necklaces seems to an easy task, but it might be so confusing as there are hundreds of designs available in the necklaces. Not only designs but sizes, styles, and chain material seem to be confusing. It is better to choose the necklace that emphasizes your best features and enhances your appearance.

Before purchasing a necklace for you, you need to consider your neck size, body type, face shape, and the types of clothes you wear. If you wear casuals, then short style necklaces go better with your outfit, and if you wear formals, then a long style looks good. It might be possible that you have necklaces, but you don’t wear as they go with your outfits or don’t flatter you. It is better to choose the chvker angel necklace as these are best to wear and gift to your loved ones.

It is better to avoid making mistakes while choosing the necklaces and know about the tips that can be helpful. Let us have a look at some of the different points that will help you to select the best necklace length for you.

Neck length

  • 14 inches length

Women with 14 inches length of neck must go with the collar necklaces. Collar necklaces look amazing when placed tightly around the neck and can be worn with any open neck clothes like v-neck, off-shoulder, boat neck, and many others.

  • 16 inches length

A choker will look good on women with 16 inches length. The choker is the best option as it goes with almost everything and looks beautiful. It is better to tightly place the choker against the base of the throat to enhance the look of your outfit and choker.

  • 18 inches length

This is the best length of neck, and the style that is best suited is the princess. Princess necklace must be placed on the beauty bones that are collarbone, and this is best as princess style goes with every outfit. You don’t need to think while wearing the necklaces as these types of necklaces are great for both business and casual wear.

Body type and face shape

  • Consider your height

Women and men both need to consider their height before buying the necklaces. People with a short side must go with a 16 to 20-inch necklace, and people with average height can wear any length of necklace as everything will look good on their neck. If you are short, then try to avoid wearing chunky necklaces as they won’t look good and will overwhelm your frame.

  • Choose a length that emphasizes your best features

A necklace always emphasizes the area of the body where it falls. You must choose the length of your necklace according to your height. If you have a small bust, then extended and layered chains will flatter your body type.

  • Face shape

The length of the necklace that you choose must emphasize your best facial features. You need to use your basic face shape as a guide for choosing the best necklace length. If you have an oval-shaped face, then you can wear any length; if your face is long, then you must consider a short chain that will round off the appearance of your face, and people that have heart-shaped face can go with a choker or a short necklace.

Coordinate necklace length with clothes

  • With open-neck clothes wear collars and chokers

Short chains usually emphasize the neck area, and to wear the short chains, you must go with tops and tunics that expose your neck area. Try to avoid wearing high necklines and turtlenecks with chokers. Different types of choker can go with all kinds of open-neck clothes like a scoop, v-neck, strapless, and many more.

  • Want a versatile piece? Choose 16-18 inch chain

The 16-18 length of neck is the most common necklace length. A 16-18 inch length of the necklace will fall on the collarbone and will go with almost everything. You can wear an 18-inches necklace with your formal attire, t-shirt and with your simple tops and tunics.