Great Tips And Tricks For Easy Management Of Punch List

May 9th, 2019

A punch list is an important phase when you are close to finishing a construction project. It will ensure that the construction will turn out with no faults, no defects, and no wrong installations as a punch list will serve to list all of those and fix them.

Do you know that there are some tips in order to simplify and ease the punch list process? Listed below are some professional tips that you can use in managing your punch list:

  1. Present your punch lists at the proper time

If you schedule your assessments at the correct time, you tend not to waste precious time or schedule subcontractors efficiently. This ensures that none of your subcontractors are idle for a very long time, because they always have a checklist of items to resolve. You must only be generating punch lists pertaining to crucial items that will result in issues in the future.

When the subcontractors are working on an item, make sure to let them be conscious of problems and show the needed repairs, so it is not necessary for you to create a punch list for these kinds of problem. The subcontractor that you employed will definitely have a strategy to correct those issues prior to considering the job as completed. Allow your subcontractors to be accountable in the work that they do.

By scheduling assessments that everybody working on the project is aware of means that people will be expecting your punch list, and as such, will fix the issues that they are aware of.

  1. Describe and discuss the problems in a clear way

Once you are over with your assessment, you want to let the responsible workers be aware of their punch list items. A great method to carry this out this is by emailing the punch list, accomplish it with photos and repair prerequisites. Preferably, include only items that are associated to a specific worker, so that they won’t have the job mixed up.

Do not create a punch list that is hard to understand. You should plainly state the issue that you have with an item. This ensures that no misunderstandings occur while your punch list is being fulfilled. Using photos with your markings and notes are a good way to conveying the things that you want to be done.

  1. Keep track of problems effectively and efficiently

Employees that are working on a project must have a way to contact you if they are able to repair or fix their punch list items. Like in the previous tip, pictures with their markings and notes are very helpful in conveying information. Viewing photos of remedied work enable you to verify or reject work so that you will avoid cases like going to the construction site again only to see that items have not been worked on, or has been repaired incorrectly.

And there you go, 3 tips that will help you manage your punch lists. If this article helped you be sure to share it with your friends!