Go-To Places For That Perfect Woman’s Day Gift

April 17th, 2019

International Women’s Day is an important day for all the ladies in our lives, and across the world. This is the day that people, not just women, can celebrate and promote womanhood. A day where we recognize the hardships and prejudice they had gone through and the progress they made in history. A day where we remember their significant contribution to the society and to the world.

It’s only befitting that when we give the presents to show them our appreciation, it should be something significant, meaningful and heartfelt. And that’s the tricky part. It’s not like coming up with geschenkideen für papa, where you can just give them something they can use in their tool shed.

Be it your mother, daughter, sister, wife, or a friend, make your token of appreciation for women’s day special and meaningful. Here is a list of where you can find the perfect gift for Women’s Day.

Flower shops

A classic. Get her a bouquet of her favorite flower on Women’s Day to show that you appreciate and care for her, and that you celebrate this day with her. Different flowers can convey different messages. Research which ones will best represent how you feel and what you want to tell.

Jewelry stores

Show your appreciation by giving her a timeless piece of jewelry. There is a vast number of choices you can choose from. Pick one that is elegant and she can display proudly to celebrate her womanhood.

Make-up stores

One of the most sought-after gift ideas for women is a nice make-up kit. However, choosing one as a present for any woman is quite difficult, since we men know next to nothing about it. Visit a nearby make-up store and let her choose. Better if you can give her an entire kit, complete with blush, nail polish, pencils, eye shadows, and many others.


You can find a ton of things that you can give as a present for women’s day in bookstores. For those who love reading, add books about women empowerment to her collection. Get her a hardbound journal and planner to help jot her thoughts down. Accessories like bookmarks, book covers, witty key chains and nameplates can also be found in some book stores.

Hobby shops

Know which activities and hobbies makes her feel empowers and confident, and support it by giving presents to help her improve in whatever hobby she’s into. Get her baking tools and equipment so she can whip up that perfect cupcake for those she loved. If outdoor adventures are her thing, go get climbing and hiking equipment in sporting goods shops.

Calligraphy stores offer an extensive array of pens and papers to help her perfect the art of calligraphy. Buy her vinyl record players and get her favorite artist and albums in vinyl from your favorite record store. Go to a music store and get her that guitar or violin that she’s been eyeing since.

The opportunities are limitless. You alone will know what the perfect gift is. Determine which one will make her feel most special and appreciated this Women’s Day.