DIY: How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sell

May 12th, 2020

Selling your home, especially these days, is definitely a frustrating task to say the least. With so many homes on the market, and very few selling, how do you plan on making yours sell quickly at a price your satisfied with? You could choose to hire professional help, but remember, you will have to pay for that help, even if your home doesn’t sell. The only logical answer would be to do the creative work yourself. In the long run staging your home yourself, will save you money, and time.

Staging your home, in order to impress buyers might seen a little intimidating. However, it is not’t all that hard, and you can do it. There are a few simple rules to follow, in order to both attract buyers, and impress them. Your home is divided into two basic parts, outside (the yard), and inside (the home). First lets work on the inside of your home.

Being that your trying to save money, your not going to want to spend a lot, this means you’ll have to work with what you have. Before you get started you’ll need to remove all clutter. A clean home, closet, garage, etc. will look two times bigger then a cluttered one. Storage space sells, so you’ll need to find a friends garage to borrow, or rent a storage unit for the time being.

The Living Room.

The living room, and family room are both wonderful spaces. This is where most families spend time together, and you want potential buyers to think about that. Make sure all toys, newspapers, DVDs . CD’s. etc are tucked away in storage. A few things your going to need, or use daily are alright, just remember the main idea is to make the room look bigger. An average size family or living room should have no more then five pieces of furniture. A sofa, chair, small table, coffee table, and a television is all you need. You can dress the room a little with a decorative lamp, and a house plant to give the room a warm touch.

The Kitchen.

Keeping with the idea of making your home look bigger, make sure the counters are clutter free. No toasters, coffee pots, dishes, canisters, etc. should be setting out for buyers to see. Even though we are all guilty of leaving appliances on the counter tops, if will give buyers the idea that there isn’t any storage space for them. Also remove any themes from your kitchen such as apples, or cows. Buyers like to imagine their own stuff, and style, so keep all rooms neutral.

The Bathroom(s).

If your home has more then one bathroom, great. Bathrooms are one of the main features buyers look for in a house. If you only have one, well then you need to spend a little extra time making sure it’s perfect. You should again remove all themes, and stick with a neutral setting. Make sure all soaps, shampoos, extra towels, etc. are tucked away. Your bathroom(s) should have a nice neutral shower cloth shower curtain, one small throw rug in front the tub, a towel, hand towel, and washcloth (that match) hanging neatly on the towel bar.

The Bedroom(s).

Keep the bedrooms simple. Bedrooms are another big selling factor, and the last thing you want is for them to look small. All you need in the rooms are a bed (neatly dressed), nightstands, and dresser. If the room is large ( 15′ X 18′ or larger) you can also add a dressing table, or reading chair. Make sure everything else is moved out, and if your still living at the home, only keep the clothes you need for a few weeks in the closet. This will allow buyers to see how large the closet space is, without you fearing something falling on them.

Using your own personal touch will also add warmth to your home. Here is a list of a few do’s and do not’s to help you out.

  • Remove family photo’s, keeping a few out for yourself to view is alright, but only keep a handful.
  • Make sure all rooms are neutral.
  • Keep in mind that light colors, and white walls make a room look larger.
  • Clean, clean, and clean! A clean house sells.
  • Plants add warmth to a home, but you don’t want a jungle inside, so limit rooms to one plant.
  • Fresh air is a must. Use air fresheners that you can hide to make the home smell good.
  • Not everyone likes animals, so have a friend pet set for you, and be sure to hide all signs of animals, such as empty cages, and feed bowls.

Make sure that you are using the proper tools when staging your home for a quick sell. You can compare the current Dewalt impact drivers and choose the right one for you. Always remember that theĀ  key to having great results or output is to use the right things properly.

As for the outside of your home, you also want it to look equally as beautiful. Make sure the grass, and plants stay trimmed. A few flowers never killed anyone, so don’t be scared to plant a few if you don’t have any. Limit your outdoor decorations. A wind chime, is fine, as long as you don’t have twenty of them. If your home has a porch, make sure it’s clean, with only one or two chairs depending on the size. Your mail box is also important. Make sure your box is fresh looking, and rust free. Planting a few flowers around the mailbox wouldn’t hurt either.

Before I leave you, remember “flippers” look to make quick cash. They depend on finding hard to sell houses, with desperate sellers, in order to make a quick buck. Over 30% of all flips are done simply by buying a cluttered, dirty home, and cleaning it up. You might not think that a few gallons of bleach, and a few gallons of paint can make a big difference, but it can. And by big difference I mean $50,000 or more. Make sure your home looks inviting, and peaceful. You want potential buyers to imagine what their stuff is going to look like, in your space. If your home looks warm, peaceful, clean, and inviting, they will not want to leave, and that’s what sells a home.