Is Online Dating Really Worth It?

March 17th, 2020

Online dating websites are all over the internet for those looking for love. Many of these matchmaking services and ‘friendship finders’ offer free trials and free limited memberships for interested singles of varying ages. However, are these dating websites worth the hassle? Are online dating services safe and secure? And lastly, how useful are these date finders?

My experience with online dating websites such as and others is limited to some of their free trial memberships. I used to complete offers for websites where you could complete offers to get a free iPod, PSP, etc, and some of these offers were for online dating sites. Sometimes of these websites are called ‘matchmaking’ websites, while others are called ‘friend finders’ and still others don’t even try to disguise their true colors, and just call themselves ‘Online Dating.’ When I signed up for these websites I had to enter my email address, as many online websites, and not just dating ones, require, to make an account.

Then, I had to deal with filling out vast amount of forms, and eventually had to go back to my email account to confirm my account. After all this was done, I was signed into the dating website, with a friendship finder account. Ok, that was rather complicated, and a little annoying, but it was doable. It was quite a hassle though, and this seemed to be the same the case with all that I signed up for.

When I mention ‘safe’ and ‘secure’, I am not talking about the safety of you as a person on a dating or networking site, and the safety of people you interact with online. Instead, I’m talking about the safety of your information, and the security of online dating systems. How safe was my email and other information on the dating website? While I cannot say for sure, I’m not too convinced about the safety of some these websites.

After signing up for several of these, I found that I was receiving more and more unsolicited email, or spam, in the email I used to sign up. This was not a good sign, and although it could have been a simple coincidence, it could also indicate that some of these dating portals sell your email, or give it out, to third party companies. Eventually, your email may find its way into spammer’s hands. Some of the larger matchmaking websites probably are more secure than many of the smaller online dating websites, some of which seem to be pretty questionable.

Are these dating and networking services very useful? Perhaps. Some people will probably meet, and have met, their love online. Some will find love, others won’t, and some may just find spam, and hefty charges for online dating membership fees. There are success stories here and there, but whether you choose to use an online dating site or not really depend on how comfortable you are with them. Personally, I’m totally not comfortable at all with these online dating and personals websites. However, for some, it may be just what they need. If you are willing to put up with the hassles of signing up, and maybe even paying a membership fee, than look into it. Otherwise, steer clear of online dating.

Most of the times, there are fake profiles lurking out there waiting for innocent victims to find them so that they can use their naivety to their advantage and blackmail them for money, which has become a norm these days. It is better to learn tips through a dating app rather than rely on profiles online.