Career Profile: The Work Of Translators For The Travelers

March 6th, 2020

Interpreters, Translators, or whatever other names you may have for them; they are vital workers in society. A person who knows two or more languages and can translate a conversation, sermon, or meeting is very valuable. The profession is not usually one that most people grow up wanting to do; although it is a great one to have. Now, I am not a professional translator but I have had a lot of experience doing so in the past several months. It amazes me how few translators there are, but they do work hard.

Imagine this: You are asked to translate for a meeting somewhere and it’s your first time. You would be nervous for sure. The amount of listening and quick response time is critical. All it takes is one mistake or one bad translation to throw off your concentration. Having your concentration blown is not a good thing to have happen when a meeting is dependant on your ability. Your ability is that you can take words that you are given and transform them into a completely different set of sounds with the same meaning! Can you imagine that? It is a pretty difficult thing to do, more so than it appears.

Let’s look step by step at what happens when someone translates. First of all he waits for the first set of words. Those words could be as simple as, “Hello, good morning to you all!” Now he has to listen carefully to make sure that he hears all of the words right. If he doesn’t hear the words right the translation could be completely destroyed and end up confusing everyone. Imagine if the translator had heard, “Hell, woed morning to you all!” That small change in the translation has taken a greeting and made it a curse! So, assuming the translator hears correctly what his phrase is, he may have to change the sentence structure, grammar, and finally the sounds in order to speak the words. This usually has to happen either immediately after the first speaker has finished or even sometimes while he speaks! Now what was “Hello, good morning to you all!” Must go into his head in that form and if translating to Spanish must come out something like this: “Hola, buen dia a todos!”

For one phrase it’s not that difficult, but imagine having to do that for one or two hours! It’s quite a challenge. At any time the translator can slip up and lose concentration. When that happens the audience is often taken out of the mood and also lose concentration. They then begin to focus more on the translation rather than the actual message.

As you can see there are a lot of small things that factor into being a good translator. They have to work hard and when they finish their job you can be sure that they are mentally exhausted. The few times that I have translated I have found it very difficult to keep focused. Often times when I am translating from Spanish to English, I end up using something like Spanglish. It is its own language, and it’s an easy trap to get sucked in to.

Cheers to all of you translators and future translators out there. You are needed and your job is very difficult. So thank you for your work and keep going! There are not many who can do what you do. For those of you who are moving toward that career I salute you and hope that you are encouraged to stay on that path. A login can be made at online sites for checking the hearing hero reviews for purchasing. The work of the translators would be difficult without the hearing hero product.