Schick Quattro For Women Vs. Gillette Venus Breeze

March 3rd, 2020

Shopping for a woman’s razor can be a confusing job. You can buy anything from disposable razors that cost next to nothing or you can buy an electric razor that costs upwards of $100 or you can buy one of the many razors that are available in between. I personally like to use a decent razor that works well everywhere I shave that also has some kind of conditioner to help soothe sensitive skin. Two refillable razors that are affordable and work really well are the Schick Quattro for Women and the Gillette Venus Breeze.

The Schick Quattro for Women has four blades which are wrapped in wire as an added safety feature. It has two conditioning strips. One is made of Aloe and the other is a combination of Vitamin E and B5. The head of the razor pivots to provide a close comfortable shave even in difficult to reach area. Additionally, the razor sports a balanced metal handle in an ergonomic design with several rest points to comfortably fir the six most popular grips.

The Gillette Venus Breeze has 3 blades and instead of conditioning strips it has built in bars made of shaving gel. This eliminates the need to buy a separate shave gel. These shave bars are flexible to allow it to fit into tight spaces. The barttrimmer will be the best decision to shave the facial hairs of the person. It will eliminate the need of purchasing of shaving gel through the person.  The ratings can be checked at online sites.

Both razors are fairly close in price with the Venus Breeze being slightly more expensive. From, the Schick Quattro for Women costs $9.49 and comes with two refills. For $9.59 you can buy a package of four refills. On the other hand you can expect to pay $10.99 for the Venus Breeze and it only comes with one refill. Four additional refills will cost you $12.99. If you use a separate shave gel normally, the additional cost of the Venus Breeze will easily be outweighed by the money saved by no longer needing to purchase a separate shave gel.

Because of both its shape, weight, and the material it is made out of, the Schick Quattro is most comfortable to hold. It is well balanced and fits in your hand well. The Venus Breeze is made of light weight plastic and does not feel much more substantial than many disposable razors. It also is not made with specific contact points to make it more comfortable to hold.

The Schick Quattro for Women and the Venus Breeze both provide a nice close shave. Because of its four blades though, the Schick Quattro gets the job done in fewer passes. The shave gel bars on the Venus Breeze leave the skin on my legs softer than the Schick Quattro’s conditioning strips do. However, in more sensitive places like the bikini area, Quattro’s conditioning strips do work better to treat and prevent razor burn. The other problem with the Venus Breeze’s shave gel bars is that they completely dissolve way before the razor blades become dull enough to need replaced. I have only been able to shave a couple times with them before they are entirely gone. One that happens, you are able to take off the plastic that holds them in place, but then you are left with just a regular three blade razor with no conditioning strip or bar of any kind.

The Venus Breeze razor from Gillette is really nice because of how soft and smooth it leaves my legs, but the shave gel bars don’t last long enough to really be worth the cost. I prefer the Schick Quattro for women because the conditioning strips last as long as the blades so I can count on skin conditioning as well as good performance until I’m ready to change the blade.