Ten Best Reason Why Not to Have a Swimming Pool

March 2nd, 2020

As a swimming pool owner for the last twenty years, I can tell you that building one in your back yard is a bad idea. The experience of the adult swimming journey will be excellent through the swimming classes. Instead of developing it in the home, a person should prefer to go to the class. 

Here is my top ten list on why you should not indulge:

10) Your neighbors who have kids may think it is okay to use your pool whenever they want. If you invite them over for a pool party they may feel that your back yard is some type of community swimming center. Even if you agree with the kids that they may use the pool with your permission, if someone were to get hurt, or god-forbid someone drowns, you would be sued for everything you have.

9) Pool chemicals are very expensive. The price of chlorine and the other chemicals necessary to maintain the pool have gone through the roof. If you do not keep a steady infusion of chlorine in the water, especially during the summer months, the pool will turn green with algae. If this happens, you will have to get in the pool and scrub it off: It is a horrendous job.

8) If you wish to have any shrubs or trees in your back yard, your pool will fill up with leaves during the winter. Custom covers are very expensive, but you must have some type of netting to keep the leaves out or you will have a tremendous mess to clean.

7) Your pool must be backwashed with silica every month (the silica forms the seal in which debris is filtered). Failure to do so will turn your pool into a swamp.

6) You will find stuff in your filters that you do not like (dead birds, rodents, rabbits, snakes, and deadly spiders: Do not stick your hand into the poolside filters to remove leaves without gloves on. I found this out the hard way when I stuck my hand in and pulled out a live snake. If your wife does this just one time, she will never clean the pool again and the job is all yours.

5) If you live in a climate where you need to heat the pool, get ready for some huge electricity bills. You will not believe your eyes when you open the power bill.

4) Swimming pools do not increase the value of your house. Anyone who has had one before and knows what a pain they are will not buy your home.

3) Unless you have kids who use the pool all the time, it is not worth having one. After the first year, you will barely use it.

2) Your going to find that you will need to fill your pool with water often because of evaporation. The water bill goes way up.

1) Every time you turn around, the pool cost you money. If is not the pump, it’s the Polaris; if it’s not the filter, it is the chemicals; and on and on: The pool is a money sieve.

This list is not in any particular order of importance, with the exception of #1. You will be dishing out money every time you turn around.