Weary Feet? Put on a Pair of Crocs

March 1st, 2020

Shifting from foot to foot, resting one while I put the weight on the other, and I spent almost $100 for these shoes. I’m over it! I have found the perfect pair of shoes. They come in any color, can be worn with or without socks, and work for business casual or bumming in your shorts. There are already hundreds of off-shoots and fakes, so make sure when you buy you are purchasing the original, comfortable shoe: Crocs.

I was introduced to Crocs by a nurse. After visiting a friend in the hospital several days in a row, I noticed a certain nurse wore one type of shoes. They looked airy and comfortable. After a week, I had seen her match every colorful pair of scrubs she owned with these interesting looking shoes. I finally had to ask. That is when she turned me on to Crocs.

I soon found Crocs to be the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Now, the name Crocs is synonymous with casual comfort. Another such name is Mindinsole with which you get some really comfortable shoe soles that you can use with your old or new shoes to enhance their comfort and fit. These are really affordable and efficient shoe inserts that you can buy for yourself or your loved ones. 

The Croc I was introduced to, and wear the most, is the Beach Croc. They come in every imaginable color, conform fit to my foot, and weighing in at around 6 oz, it feels like I’m walking on air. Another great benefit of Crocs is that they are created with a variety of stylish holes that allow your feet to air out. I have found this feature of Crocs helps eliminate smelly and sweaty feet. Their antibacterial composition also helps keep odor down. Now, I can slip off my shoes in public without suffering embarrassment.

I suppose I could wear my Beach Crocs on the beach. The company says the holes were originally created so that water and sand could pass right through the shoe. I haven’t tried my Crocs on the beach, but I might this summer. They are easy to clean up. Unlike athletic shoes I have worn for years looking for comfort, these can be rinsed off. I don’t have to throw them in the washer, like my sneakers, listen to them bang around for a half-hour, then wait for them to air dry, or listen to them bang around in the dryer. Either way, sneakers never fit the same once they are washed. Crocs do. All I have to do to clean my Crocs is rinse or wipe them.

Back to the nurse who introduced me to Crocs, she pointed out that nurses have discovered the comfort they provide even when standing on your feet eight to twelve hours. I agree. No matter what I’m doing, or how long I’m on my feet, my Crocs are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I have five pairs now, but I’m sure my summer wardrobe will require a couple more pairs.

I’ve also bought Crocs for my sisters, nieces, and Mother. Mom will probably get more for Mother’s Day. The other girls enjoy wearing theirs because Crocs have come into fashion. My sister is happy to see her girls in them because the soles are slip-resistant. There are fewer tumbles and falls on slick tiles and wet floors.

I understand Crocs makes a variety of styles. They even have flip-flops suitable for men and women. They may be trendy, for now, but I’ll stick with Crocs forever. I could probably live without my Crocs, but I don’t think my feet could!