Kid’s Craft – Make Your Own Bowling Set

February 22nd, 2020

Bowling is a fun game that kid’s love. It also encourages activity in the home. It is easy for kids to create their own bowling game with inexpensive materials. Follow the below directions for a complete bowling set for your kids.

Materials Needed for the Bowling Game Set

  1. Ten 1 or 2 liter soda bottles
  2. Clean playground or beach sand
  3. Craft paint
  4. A 3 to 4 inch ball such as a tennis ball

Preparing the Bowling Pins for Use

The first step in creating this kid’s craft bowling set is to make the bowling pins. The one to two liter soda bottles will be the pins. Wash them out carefully to remove all sugary residue of soda. Then, be sure to dry them completely. Leaving moisture in the bottles will invite mold or bacteria to grow.

After the bottles are completely dry, pour approximately three inches of sand in the bottom of each bottle. Be sure that the sand is also dry.

The sand will provide the weight to the bowling pin. If you add no sand, the bottles will be too easy to knock over. If you add too much, you will need a real bowling ball to do it. Two or three inches are just the right amount.

Screw the caps back onto the bottles. If you have small children who are apt to experiment with removing the caps and pouring the sand all over the room, put some clear-drying craft glue on the threads of the screw on cap before putting it back on. It will dry and the bottle cap will be permanently affixed to the bottle.

The next step is to paint the bottles. If you want a traditional bowling pin set, you might like to paint the bottles white and put a red or blue ring around the top part of the bottle. However, it is a good idea to let your kids use their imagination and paint the bowling pins as they would like.

They might like to paint the bowling pins red, white, and blue. Maybe girls would like pink flowered bowling pins. They could be green, orange, and yellow with big white stars. Any color combination or pattern is a good idea for this kid’s craft.

After the paint is dry, your bowling pin set is complete. In order to bowl, set the pins up in a triangle shape with one pin in the front. Leave a one or two inch space between each bottle, or they will be more difficult to knock over.

The kids should take turns using the tennis or other play ball to try to knock over the bottles. You now have a fun and creative bowling game set all your own. For more information about the sport bowling, you may visit