Easy Spring Cleaning Series: Cleaning Levolor Blinds

February 19th, 2020

Grimy. Greasy. Downright gross. You know what I’m talking about – those beautiful Levolor blinds you thought were a good idea in every window in your house. You said you’d dust them diligently. You said they’d stay clean.

You were wrong. If you are not a big fan of cleaning these blinds like me, you can switch to the highest quality made-to-measure shutters that are equally effective and can replace these blinds effectively.

And now, here you are, several years later, hitting a roadblock in your spring cleaning and wondering how you’re supposed to wipe away the greasy build-up from months (years?) of neglect. Well, help is here. You’ll have those blinds clean and ready for spring in no time.

Most importantly, like any spring cleaning job, don’t ruin your weekend trying to tackle this project all at once. Do no more than two blinds a day and in two weeks you’ll be rewarded with beautifully clean window coverings. Plan to spend 15 minutes on each blind and one hour drying time before hanging them back up. Now, let’s take a look at the supplies you’ll need.

First, grab at least four very thirsty towels. Place one horizontally over the side of your bathtub, and one on the floor next to the tub. Hang another one over your longest towel rack and one on the floor beneath the rack. If you’re worried about protecting your tub from scratches, you’ll also want to lay a thin towel at the bottom of the bathtub. In addition, be sure you have several small, old washcloths and heavy-duty rubber gloves to protect your hands from the hot water.

Next, fill the tub partially with very hot water and all-purpose cleaning soap (I like Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Lemon Verbena), and then go get your first victim.

Select one set of blinds, and lower them to the bottom of the window, leaving the slats in the open position. Then, remove the set from its window, carrying it carefully to the tub. Once at the tub, simply immerse the entire blind into the waiting soapy, hot water. Even the wider blinds should fit without a problem. Carefully slosh the blind in the water a bit to loosen the worse dirt, and then let it soak for five minutes.

While soaking the blinds, I like to go back to my window and dust down the upper sill that’s now exposed. You’ll likely find several dead bugs and a creepy spider or two, so be careful. By now, your first set of blinds should be ready for a gentle scrub down. Pick up the blind from the top, and lay the top section on the towel you’ve draped over your tub. Using a very wet washcloth dipped in the soapy water, lightly wash the blind slats as you hold the blinds against the towel. Don’t worry about soaking the towel, as the towel’s dampness will simply help loosen dirt on the other side of the blinds.

As one section is clean, move the blinds up over the tub and clean another section. Use the top and side of the tub as traction to press down gently on the slats and remove grime. When you’ve completed one side, simply turn the blinds over and repeat on the other side. This second part will go much more quickly, as much of the dirt will already have been rubbed off by the towel while you were washing the opposite slats.

When you’re finished, simply drape the top of the open and fully extended blinds over your towel rack and allow to air dry for at least an hour. Drain the dirty water, rinse your tub, and go do something else.

After an hour of air drying, use your hairdryer in the interior mechanism to avoid any rusting. While you’re drying, you can be filling the tub for your next blind. Once you’re sure you’ve dried the inside, just pop the blind back in its place and repeat the process for your next blind. When you’re done, simply hang up the towels to dry until you’re ready for tomorrow.

If you’re a glutton for punishment, or if you have numerous places to dry your blinds, then, by all means, do as many as you want at a time. But I like to keep my life pretty calm, and I was able to wash two blinds a day and finish twenty-four windows in less than two weeks. Ah, cleanliness…it’s next to calmness.