Getting Accepted into Elite Universities: The Best Kept Secret

February 4th, 2020

Do you have a child who’s aspiring to get into a top university, such as UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, USC and more? Or are you a student who has always dreamed of getting into these schools? There is a better way than slaving away at AP courses and spending thousands of dollars on SAT prep courses. This article is particularly helpful to California residents, but the same concept can be applied with wild success in almost any other state.

1) Matriculation is the Name of the Game

Many people do not know that Universities have matriculation agreements with local and community colleges. This means that top Universities set a large percentage of acceptances for those who want to transfer from community college into a four-year university.

For the reader, it is important that he or she searches for matriculation requirements between a certain university and a CC (community college). For California residents, the best resource hands down are this website:

I know of many friends who have gone straight to community college after high school, got good enough grades in CC, then transferred after 2 years into a great college. That sounds dandy, but we’re after something better and faster.

2) Planning Ahead is Essential

Did you know that there are barely any age requirements to start studying at Community College? Actually, a few weeks ago there was a news article about an 11-year old boy who graduated from East LA City College with a 4.0 GPA.

With low barriers to entry, a high school student can start taking classes at community college as early as freshman year. Hell, some start taking CC the summer after the 8th grade. The key is that students MUST try to get all A’s in community college. More on that in a bit.

The next vital time-saving step is to review what major the student wants to pursue and at what University. For example, a student wants to get into USC’s famed Marshall School of Business. The said student then needs to check USC’s website for the business/economics/math courses he’ll need for transfer. This info he can find out straight from USC’s website AND Having an idea of what prerequisites are needed for specific majors is vital for saving the student time and money.

Moreover, there are additional expenses that you might have to face as you enroll for a college. In order to pay for all those expenses, you can work as a tutor as well. If you are wondering, How to find tutor job this link will guide you with all the best tips and opportunities that are out there as a tutor. 

3) The Beauty About Community Colleges

The level at which CC classes are taught are actually easy for high schoolers, many of whom actually think that CC classes are A) more practical than high school classes, B) easier than AP classes and C) gives the same credit, if not MORE college credit than AP classes. In addition, the amazing thing about CC classes is that they, more than AP (Advanced Placement) or IB (International Baccalaureate) classes, help students knock down the GE’s (general education classes) before even entering college.

In college, a lot of students waste time by struggling with one class, failing it, then discovering that the same GE class could be completed at community college – it’s less painful and easier.

Another great factor about community college classes is that a significant number of them are going ONLINE. So high school students don’t even need to worry about transportation if they can’t drive yet or don’t have a parent who can drive them to CC (what happened to bike?).

Lastly, high school students using this system definitely need to take advantage of summer school. Most high school students mope around and watch Spongebob in their summers, but those who are active and want to get into college the fast and easy way will take 2 or even 3 community colleges in the summer.

4) The SUPREME Perks of this System

The ultimate reason for doing all this? Upon completing the easy community classes with A’s, the high school student has a GREAT time in his/her senior year applying for colleges while everyone else is freaking out. Do you know why?

The student is going to apply as a transfer.

That’s the beauty of the whole system. The student doesn’t even need SAT and SAT II scores (and doesn’t need to spend money on the unjust monopoly that is Collegeboard). Universities don’t care that the student transferring is only 18, for they will consider him purely has a transfer student from a community college who has completed enough credits/courses.

By the way, the transfer application from a community college is less time consuming and easier than the application straight from high school to college. Transfers only need their Community College GPA. No burning out from AP courses and SATs and SAT IIs and PSATs. This is a new way.

Also, did you know that in high school, there’s a set number of days that a student HAS to be in high school? Basically, the smart high school student in our scenario can ditch school until he/she gets near the limit of days that one can be absent/skipped. The student should check the school policy. And of course, I’m not encouraging delinquency! 😉

5) Saving BIG on Money and Time

If a high school student follows my system, then he/she may realize that upon getting into college, they are actually TWO YEARS AHEAD of their peers. It is likely that one following this system enters as a junior or a sophomore at the very least. This also means less time in college (if desired) and hence the LESS MONEY SPENT ON TUITION, Room and Board, and everything.

This also means that the student can have extra time to take extra classes to boost his GPA, have fun, and be fine with just taking 3 classes (if on the quarter system) every quarter. That’s a good life.

I personally know a couple of friends who have done this and told me this as I was doing college apps, the old school, lame way.

I strongly recommend any parents and students and aspiring collegians to take this to heart, do a little bit of your research, and leverage the benefits of community college in getting into great schools like UCLA, UCSD, UC Berkeley, USC, and many more! I wish readers well, and to “GO FORTH AND PROSPER!”