Final Fantasy: DRK/BLM, DRK/RNG

January 28th, 2020

For a long time, DRKs alternates roles have been long overlooked. Many people just have accepted the norm and went with it. I’m going to talk about two alternate sub-jobs that can be used efficiently in an exp party and in solo fighting.

A DRK/BLM can be more efficient than a DRK/WAR in many cases, especially when there is no bard and the mobs have high defense and/or high evasion. A DRK/BLM with Dark Staff or the HQ version, combined with Magic Attack Bonus/INT/MP+ gear, a DRK/BLM can deal upwards to 750 damage with Drain II (Possible better with right gear) which only cost 37 mp. Drain can deal up to 550 damage with only 21 mp. Both of these spells have a fast casting time. The INT also strengthens your Absorb – TP greatly allowing you to still deal Massive weapons skill damage and fully utilize a DRK Dark Magic. There is a reason why DRK has an A- rating in Dark Magic. Alternatively, you can use DRK/RDM you’ll lose a level in Magic Attack Bonus but you gain 2 levels of Fast Cast, which will allow you to Drain more rapidly. Also, you’ll gain Magic Defense Bonus at the loss of Conserve MP. Choosing either sub is a matter of preference. While Thunder II can do upwards of 350 damage, using Elemental Magic is generally not recommended since it uses up too much MP for so little damage compared to Drain II. if you are unable to make it to the next level of the game then you can one of the best game-boosting services elo boosting that is out there. This way you get to level up quickly and more efficiently. 

When soloing DRK/RDM would prove to be a better choice simply because you can cast Gravity. Magic Defense Bonus also plays a bigger role when you are fighting solo. Fast Cast helps you end the fight quicker, and it helps you keep yourself healed. En-spells are as useful because DRK does not have any innate Enhancing Magic skill.

The Second alternate sub-job is DRK/RNG. Many people don’t realize that Attack Bonus IV and Last Resort stack with Ranged Attacks. Last Resort probably wasn’t intended to increased Ranged Attack, but it and Berserk increases Ranged Attack. On a side note, Aggressor used to increase Ranged Accuracy naturally until they made Category II merits. At level 75 a DRK has 256 base Attack for marksmanship while an RNG has a 270 base attack for marksmanship. A DRK will have considerably more base STR than an RNG. Now all you have to worry about is Accuracy. You get +22 accuracy from /RNG and you have access to Sharp shot. Accuracy rings can substantially increase your ranged accuracy by up to +24 ranged accuracy. Marksmanship belt increases your marksmanship skill by 5 increasing both your ranged accuracy and ranged attack by 4 or 5. Earrings can increase your ranged accuracy by 5 or 6 points. Dusk Trouser can increase ranged accuracy by 10 points. Level 55 Jarid-ah Peti body armor can increase your ranged accuracy by 5. If you’re lucky you can get a P. charm or P. amulet. If you’re not lazy you can get an Optical Hat.

That is 90 to 91 ranged accuracy. You can also use Absorb-AGI whenever you need a boost. Aside from being useful in an XP party, this is an extremely great solo build because of Bloody Bolts and Sleep Bolts. With that much accuracy, landing bolts is never really a problem. Of course, this build is much more expensive, but much fun to play. On a side note, Neither Diabolic Eye nor Absorb-Acc seems to have any effect on ranged accuracy. Souleater’s Accuracy Bonus hasn’t been tested, but I’d assumed that it doesn’t have any effect on ranged accuracy. Although many party leaders don’t invite DRK/WARs in high-level parties, due to their massive amounts of offensive capabilities offset by their absolute lack of defensive potential, DRK/WAR can actually utilize bolts to restore hp.

Using Berserk and Last Resort at the same time will give a DRK a massive amount of ranged attack. Combined with a DRK/WAR strength, bolts may in some cases surpass scythe or greatsword damage over time since strength has double the effect on ranged attacks.

When soloing on DRK/RNG, the is as easy as how many bolts you have. Using Absorb-INT increases the amount of hp bloody bolts steal. Absorb-MND helps Holy Bolts do their damage. Last but not least, Sleep Bolts seal any chance of losing the battle. If you have the money to spend on Sleep Bolts all you have to do is land bolts and the enemies will stay asleep most of the time. Whether or not INT or MND affects the resist rate on tough mobs hasn’t been tested.

After writing this guide, I have realized even more than I thought I realized. Any job combination can work if you have the right amount of Gil. Becoming an Alchemist could be the best move to make if you like soloing. You can make Re-raisers, Max Potions, and Ether’s to help turn the tides of any battle.