Best Health Bars Women Must Try Today

January 22nd, 2020

With weight loss on the top of many women’s list, it is hard to visit the supermarket without seeing the tons of healthy options. One that I have always wondered about were the health bars. There are so many of them on the store shelves, it is a real challenge to know which option is really best for you. Are the health bars really healthy? After trying different ones, I quickly realized that some are good and some are not. There are some health bars that have so many preservatives, and calories, you mine as well be eating a chocolate cake. Then there are others that have nothing in them, including no nutritional value. So which health bars are on the top of the list for women? 

The first health bar that you may want to try is Kashi Chewy Granola Bars. I have to admit that at first I was a little skeptical about these bars. They just did not look like something that was going to have a good flavor. To my surprise they tasted great. They are very chewy, and have nuts in them. You will find that they only have about 135 calories in them, and they are very filling. They also contain plenty of protein and fiber. These snacks work great as a midday snack. They help boost your energy and satisfy any hunger cravings that you may have. 

I take some after undergoing coolsculpting which is freezing fats to remove them from your body. Is it true, can you lose weight with freezing fat? Yes, it is! And I keep fats away with these health bars. 



Next on the list is the, Balance Bar 100 Calorie Bar. This bar is crunchy and tasty, and it has just the right amount of calories. These bars have plenty of fiber and lots of antioxidants. It even contains a nice amount of vitamin C. You will find your energy boosted with this bar and you will be getting a nutritional pick me up in the middle of the day. 

Balance Trail Mix Bars has more calories than some of the other bars, but it also has a nice amount of vitamins and minerals. This bar has 210 calories with great taste. You will find yourself having more energy and eating something that is healthy. If you are looking for ways to loss weight this is one of the better options. 

Another favorite is the SoyJoy nutrition bar. This bar is a great snack that has about 140 calories. They taste good and are made from soybeans. It has a more homemade taste to it and they use fruits in these bars as well. These bars are not hard to bite into like some of the other health bars on the market. This bar works great for breakfast on the go, and for snacks. 

Luna Tea Cakes are considered to be organic, and very tasty. They have good flavor, and I have found that they go good with a nice cup of tea. These bars have about 130 calories, but are a little on the pricier side when compared with most health food bars. They do have a good nutritional value to them. 



Last but not least is the Zone Perfect All Natural Nutrition Bars. These bars have soy in them and the best part is the chocolate coating on the top. These bars taste great and have plenty of flavor. It has 210 calories which is perfect for a mid day snack before dinner or perhaps for lunch on the go. It has plenty of vitamins and minerals that your body needs including 14 grams of protein. 

These are my top picks for health food bars. It is best to try them all until you find the ones that you like best. Since everyone’s taste is different you may find several options that you like, and several options that you don’t like.