Video Marketing: 5 Essentials to Keep in Mind

January 21st, 2020

When video marketing is misused, you will find that your prospective customers can not only disregard your videos, but also become turned off to your products or services entirely. Since that is never the goal of any advertising campaign, I have compiled a few important things that you can keep in mind when marketing with videos. The following tips can help make all of the difference in your success when preparing for a video campaign.

Be Entertaining To Your Viewers

Being a source of entertainment is important. Perhaps even more so in advertising than in the arts. There is no way you are going to go viral with an advertising campaign that isn’t entertaining. Even when you are advertising a boring product like yarn, or a trivial necessity like toothpaste, humor can go a long way.

When tuning your video marketing plans, try to capture the viewer’s funny bone. Of course, there will be times that you simply can’t (and even shouldn’t) be funny about your topic, but for the most part, people buy funny – not serious. Serious is usually a turn off outside of politics and issues of activism. You want to reach the passions of your viewers, but you don’t want to trigger their anger.

Short and Sweet

Now, when I say short and sweet, I don’t mean that your video marketing efforts should be comprised of short thirty-second clips like those seen on television. However, you should be mindful and always sure that you are not dragging out your message. In the Age of Information, people don’t want to be tied to one single idea for too long. If you are looking to be part of something that engages your viewers, advertising might not be for you. Maybe you would more enjoy a life in the screenwriting business, utilizing product placement in your scenes to promote products. Which conveniently brings me to point number three:

Collaboration is Powerful on the Web

There are a whole lot of “Tube Stars” out there, and the number only grows by the day. Just as there are thousands, if not millions, of bloggers out there always ready to write about your product for a small fee, there are “Tube Stars” that love to team up for joint ventures and video marketing collaborations.

Stay True To Your Message

In the same spirit that you shouldn’t drag out your message, you should also try not stray from it. If you are marketing toothpaste and show too much candy, you may lose some viewers to a sudden urge to order some expensive Swedish chocolates. While that may be good for the dental industry, and certainly pushers of chocolate, it leaves you in the cold with selling your toothpaste – and the bill to foot in your video marketing budget. Always stay on track and engage the viewer in your content, not the bells and whistles you’ve thrown in.

Brand Your Videos

I cannot stress this one enough. Watermark your videos with your brand or the link to your website. There are a lot of people out there who download videos just to re-upload them and further themselves with the vain search for better view counts and the gain of subscribers. Even still, though some do it as a hobby, others do it to tag onto your traffic. This tip is most important of all for affiliate marketers, because if you don’t mark your videos, someone else will, and they will get your traffic along with your sales. We don’t want that, now do we? Watermark your work!

Properly executed video marketing is quickly becoming the staple of one’s success online. Many marketers attribute their successes to the power of going viral on YouTube alone. Follow these five basic guidelines no matter what you are marketing and it should be easier for you come out on top with your video marketing efforts as long as the production values follow the same level of high standards. You don’t have the luxury of your viewers being forced to watch you when they are online – you need to make them want to.

Hopefully the things I’ve shared here have provided you with a better insight and a tighter grip on the basic, yet essential, fundamentals of video marketing.

The aforementioned points are only a few solutions as this is so broad a market that creativity and strategy are important prerequisites for shining in this field. Video marketing, as the name suggests has many subsets to its name and has to be utilized with careful choice of words and positive comments even for rivals and one wrong step can prove to be disastrous to the entire strategy. So take care and advance your practice in this field and tread the path with each and every step carefully placed.