Why To Avoid Using Torrents For Illegal File Sharing

January 13th, 2020

My friend introduced me to Napster right before it was shut down around 2001. For the next few years, I would use these torrents for illegal file sharing with songs I enjoyed on the radio, probably about thirty to forty songs per year. At the end of 2007, I eliminated it entirely.

What I figured was that illegal file sharing even at a limited capacity was not worth it. The entire idea was to download songs that were not quite good enough to purchase the entire album for. Basically, I was using torrents for illegal file sharing to prevent myself from purchasing “one-hit wonder” albums that the record companies starting taking advantage of before the file sharing era occurred.

Data room is the chant that you always get to hear from people who want to come into this file sharing field that involves a lot of risks.

So why should one not use torrents for illegal file sharing, and what alternatives can be pursued?


The primary reason you should not use torrent sites for illegal file sharing is because it is illegal. You are risking your freedom and money just to listen to music for free. In reality, there are other ways you can listen to music for free. There are also other ways that should could the life expectancy of your computer.


As I had mentioned before, I used to download thirty to forty songs per year. I bring this up again because my computer still became bogged down with the spyware from the different programs I had used. Eventually, I had to replace my computer because of the infections from the spyware and viruses.

You may be getting your music free, but do you want to bog down your computer with viruses and have spyware that secretly collects your personal information installed on your computer? Even if it does not trash your system entirely, your system may start working slower or doing random inconveniences. These random inconveniences include system freezes, non-permission to download anti-virus software, or search engine redirection to miscellaneous websites.

Legal Downloads

Thanks to the creation of the iPod and sites like Amazon.com, you can now purchase individual tracks and entire albums of songs that you find you enjoy. Spending 99 cents on a track to avoid the inconveniences that can occur from illegal file sharing and better perceived quality is well worth it. Do not let your past hatred for record companies selling you those “one-hit wonder” albums get to you. Hewlett Packard and Apple will not mind when you are buying yourself a new hard drive or system every other year.


If you really do not want to pay for your music, then use any video site similar to YouTube. YouTube is a fantastic website not only for listening to a song you have not heard in ages, but discovering music and bands you had never heard before. With the quality of radio continuing to decline due to certain songs being drastically overplayed, YouTube is becoming essential for hearing songs you want to hear in the scenario that the radio is overplaying all the songs you hate.

The downside to this is some companies are starting to prevent their music from being allowed on YouTube. You may click on a link for an artist on Warner Music Group and possibly get a song like “Disco Ducks.” It is kind of funny when you try to hear an artist for the first time and WMG has done this to them. It is there loss, though.


Preventing yourself from using torrents for illegal file sharing will keep you on legal bounds, save you from the headaches that can occur with computers, and help you discover new music by opening yourself up to more video sites.

Avoid torrents for illegal file sharing!