What are The Signs of a Toxic Relationship?

January 6th, 2020

Are you searching for “the one” who will complete your life in every way? While searching for your soul mate, be careful to look for unhealthy or toxic relationship signs. It is good to try and notice these signs in the beginning so you can quickly remove yourself from a potentially harmful situation.

Toxic relationships can be caused by either a male or a female. Males and females alike can damage a relationship. Either sex can be the aggressor or bully. There are several signs you can look for that should immediately send up a red flag and let you know that your boots were made for walking and that’s what you should do.

One of the biggest signs of a toxic relationship is physical abuse. Under NO circumstances is it ok for any person in any relationship to be physically abused. If it happens one time, it will happen again. Apologizing does not make it ok. Covering up the abuse by saying I promise it will never happen again are just some words that the abuser may use to regain your trust. Abuse should never have happen one time. There should never be a chance for it to happen again. If a person is physically abusive, they have underlying issues that they need help with. You are not a counselor and can not “fix” them. The first sign of physical abuse should be enough to for you to realize this is not the relationship for you.

Another sign that you are involved in a toxic relationship is verbal abuse. This can be just as bad and damaging as physical abuse. Words do hurt and they are often more mentally damaging than physical abuse. Relationships are supposed to be happy and fun. Everyone has problems from time to time, but they should be handled in an adult way. If you are involved with someone who yells at you or is constantly putting you down, it is time to move on. It is not good to remain in a toxic relationship. It is unhealthy and often times verbal abuse can even lead to physical abuse. Verbal abuse can be arrived because of the cheating in the relationship. A partner can track their partner from Sms tracker application. It can be downloaded in free from some websites.

What do your friends think of your relationship? Often people who are looking from the outside in can see signs that someone who thinks they are in love might overlook. If you have friends warning you about your relationship, you should take heed and listen to what they are saying. Listen to their arguments and really think about what they are telling you. Don’t just brush it to the side and say it will get better. A good friend will look out for your feelings and want what is best for you.

Finally, how does the relationship make you feel? Chances are if you are in a toxic relationship, you already know it. It is not one of those things that will take a rocket scientist to figure out. The best thing you can do is move on before it gets worse. Abusive and toxic relationships can only lead to unhappiness. Everyone deserves to be happy. There is someone special out there who will make you happy and could offer a healthy and loving relationship.