How Much CBD Do You Get Per Puff Of CBD Vape

January 5th, 2020

Since it is such an incredible ingredient, there is no doubt that CBD is quickly dominating the entire cannabis industry. Not only has it helped people to look past marijuana and other similar products as a psychoactive ingredient, but has also made them use it in their daily lives due to its many health benefits. CBD, short got Cannabidiol, is also proving to be of interest to the scientific community.

What is Cannabis Bioavailability?

Where cannabis is concerned, the method of its delivery determines how effective it will be. And one of the best ways to deliver the benefits of this are Vape Pens. In this case, bioavailability is the level of a particular substance that is absorbed into the user’s bloodstream. And the best way to introduce CBD to the bloodstream is by vaping. It is by this method that the blood absorbs CBD the quickest.

Factors To Take into Consideration when vaping:

When vaping CBD, there is no universal dosage limit to it. Moreover, finding the right dosage amount is also not easy. In order to do so, you have to take into consideration a lot of different factors which can help to determine the dosage. Some of the major factors are:

  1. The method of delivery

  2. The CBD strength

  3. Your body weight

  4. The severity of condition

Some of the best methods of vaping are through vape pen and vape mods. Additionally, there are many CBD vape oils available in the market which offer higher and better benefits along with a higher rate of efficiency. Moreover, as of now, CBD is available in different forms. It also treats health issues like pain, depression as well as anxiety. As of now, the Koi Stik vape pen is amongst the best vape pens in the marker, suited for pain.

Dosage of each vape puff when using vape pens:

Like already mentioned, the dosage of CBD is a very critical element. Relieving the correct amount of CBD can help the user to activate the chemical reactions in their body by eventually achieving the desired outcomes.

And since CBD has such a high level of efficiency, it is important to keep a check on the dosage level of vaping. But the question here is, how much CBD do you actually get per puff of CBD vape?

The answer to this question lies in the process of vaping and how the proves delivers CBD to the body. When you smoke CBD, you cannot determine the exact level of CBD that enters your system. However, in vaping, all the oils present in the vape juice enters the body. There is no combustion in this process, unlike in that of smoking, which a makes sure that no important components are burnt.

In saying so, you can easily calculate the cumulative amount of CBD which enters your body with every puff. This is because vaporisers are often equipped with guidelines on how long every puff should last for.

Moreover, it is recommended to choose the highest concentrations for your vape juice, if you wish to get the most out of your CBD vaping experience. What this does is ensure that you use a lesser substance than the usual, thereby providing you relief almost immediately. In a typical vape pen, like the Koi Stik, which has a 1ml liquid capacity, the concentration of CBD per puff is:

  1. 0.75 mg per 200 mg

  2. 1.5 mg per 500 mg

  3. 3mg per 1000 mg

This means that the higher the concentration, the faster the CBD dosage gets absorbed in your system. Your choice of vaping device also contributes to the level of concentration of CBD which is available to you per puff.

Calculating the dosage of each vape puff when using a vape mod:

When you use a vape mod for vaping, it becomes comparatively easier to keep a tab on the number of drags you take. To calculate the average puff, make a note of the total number of puffs you take till the tank is empty. Next, divide the total amount of the CBD concentration that is available in your tank by the total number of puffs. And the resulting amount is the average concentration of CBD you get per puff of CBD vape.

Generally speaking, a single puff of CBD can deliver anywhere between 0.3 mg to 5 mg of CBD into the user’s system. However, the exact amount of CBD that enters and gets absorbed into the bloodstream is easy to calculate using the steps mentioned above. The kind of vape pen or vape mod also plays an important role in the total dosage of CBD you can get per puff. For example, a puff from the Koi Stik will give users a much better hit of CBD as compared to other pens in the vaping market.

Watch Out for the following factors for a better CBD vaping experience:

  1. Duration:

Follow the guidelines available on vape pens, mods and vaporisers to get an idea of the average duration of each CBD puff. This way, you can vape long enough for the CBD juices to reach your bloodstream.

  1. Type of vape juice:

Many types of vape juices are available in the market. These include pure distillate, MCT, PG/VG and more. All of these types of juices give different levels of accuracy for the measurement of CBD concentration per puff. Furthermore, all of these are useful in different conditions.

  1. The quality of your chosen CBD vaping system:

Whether it is a tank, wick, pod, cartridge, or even a mesh, these components play a crucial role in providing the efficient concentration of each CBD puff you take. However, since these are degradable parts, you need to keep changing these from time to time for a greater CBD concentration.

  1. The force of pull during each puff:

You also need to keep a check on the strength you apply while taking each CBD puff from your vape. This also affects the amount of substance you actually take in.