Top Reasons To Adopt The Layered Rug Look For Your Home

January 3rd, 2020

Top Reasons To Adopt The Layered Rug Look For Your Home

The trend is on for a layered Beni Ourain rugs look in both homes and offices. The right rug can completely transform your space without really changing everything in your space. While minimalists would advocate and chant “less is more”, rug design specialists would say “the more, the merrier”.

It really depends on your living room space or the look you would want to create, but the layered rug look is definitely here to stay. You can fill up large spaces with layering rugs or maybe even experiment on different textures.

Reasons to Start Layering Your Rugs

Being daring with your layered rug look provides your room more patterns, textures, and colors to wow your guests and create that jovial vibe around your space. Layered rugs may contrast in some ways, but playing around with different layers of rugs that are complementary enough can actually help pull off an entirely new look for your space.

Highlights Your Bed

It’s very cozy and warm when your bed is lined up with large rugs. The softness felt under your feet and the inviting look as it frames your bed. You can try using a flat-weave rug on top of a large rug. You can choose between patterns and solids which are very complementary and interesting to look at.

Creates a Cozy Ambience

You can experiment with wall-to-wall carpeting for the Master’s bedroom or the kids’ room. The rug helps provide your kids a safe and cushy play area on the floor. It also protects them from bumps with rugs on the wall. You can choose a patterned look for the rugs or solids to complement dark hues in your room.

Expand your Space

The scenario would likely be that your room is small and your furnitures and décor seem to crowd up your limited space. With layers of rugs, you can manipulate your space and make it look larger than its actual size. Layering multiple rugs with subtle colors helps expand your space and create a wider orientation while keeping the integrity of your own design.

Camouflage Old Carpeting

You can cover up old existing rug by adding layers of rugs on top of it. Carpet removal is really expensive and also time-consuming, so this would be a cost-effective measure to liven up your room. You can mix and match different materials and pattern as well as go for a combination of high-pile and low-pile types of rugs.

Functionality and Durability

Layering rugs help extend its lifespan while also maximizing functionality for your rooms. Small rugs combined with large rugs help you create sections in your room that are built for specific functions.

Cost-Effective Measure

Replacing all of your old rugs is costly. However, if you can reuse your existing rugs and just add up a few new layers to jazz up your space then you can create an entirely new look with a mix of old and modern rugs. You can also fill more spaces with doing multiple layers of rug. You can also cover up stains with a layer of rug.

Taming Loud Patterns

There are colorful rugs that add life to your space. However, these favorite pieces may actually be too bold or loud when solo. The best way to retain the personality of that favorite rug and taming it is to in inject layers of other rugs with subtle colors can create that perfect balance so everything pans out leaving a calm and soothing appeal to your living room space.

Easy Cleanup

One of the predictable reasons why the layering trend is hot nowadays is because these small rugs are quite easy to clean or vacuum especially in areas with low traffic.

Adds More Texture

If you have a not-so-soft rug, you can maximize its use by layering soft rugs on top of it or in areas where you would want to sit and relax. This is a great idea especially for the play area or study area where your kids would just sit on the floor or play around which also safeguards them from any mishaps. The added soft texture provides that protective layer to keep them away from any untoward accidents.

Great Investment for Your Home

Investing in a couple of small yet high-quality rugs gives a bang for your buck. Well, rugs are almost always expensive but at any rate, having to buy more pieces also provides you tons of discounts to enjoy in your purchase.

Creates More Bulk

Layering multiple rugs would benefit rooms with ample space but has less décor or furniture to work around with. If rooms are very minimalist and simple, then layering with patterns and textures in mind is recommended. You can also experiment with combining patterned rugs with solid pieces.

Helps with Color Coordination and Tonal Balance

The key to achieve the layered rug look is not to just put one rug on top or side by side each other. The rugs should always be color-coordinated. If you just carelessly put together clashing patterns and colors, then it would be too wild to watch. Your colors should always be tonal or complementary to look visually appealing. You can also work on different shapes and pattern to achieve geometric balance.

Layers of Different Sizes

You might have purchased multiple rugs with different sizes and think you can’t possibly put everything together – but you can. With the layered rug look, you can always mix and match myriad of sizes. The large rugs would be the dominant carpeting while the smaller rugs are the accents. These small rugs would also be great to use when you have guests. This will help your family and friends get cozy while sitting on the floor with extra rugs to keep them comfortable.

Layering rugs is a great trend to follow because it helps seamlessly combine the power of texture and design. Multiple rugs work with the right color combination and also the proper tones and textures. The best way to set layers of rugs is to check all angles and even move furnitures to see what would work best. You have a very versatile space, and the layered rug look can help you achieve that plus factor in your home.