Mind Mapping Technique: A Unique Technique

January 1st, 2020

Technology is a large and complex branch to study, learn and analyze right from the start to the very last detail. Simply because there is no start or no end to it or nobody knows where to begin.

Right from stone age, man has seen technology unfold before his very eyes and has significantly contributed to it as well because it is the human mind that has broken ground in every field right from science through space and has worked wonders that no other living being can boast about.

What is it that makes human beings stand out amongst all living creatures? Even animals have a mind of their own and are extremely intelligent in nature at performing various tasks in their daily lives.

So why do humans hold fort and dominate over animals and every other being that has life in it?

Quite obviously, while both have a mind of their own and can think in equal measure, it is the power of speech that gives human that competitive edge over other living organisms be it wild and domestic animals, reptiles, amphibians and insects.

The animals are four legged beings whose mode of communication is their sound be it with humans or each other. This does not mean that animals are being disrespected or considered inferior in front of human beings but it is speech that counts.

No one is denying the animals’ contribution in the lives of humans in the form of pets or even during scientific discoveries and inventions. They don’t call dog a man’s best friend for nothing.

Human mind is like a world map in its complexity, diversity and impenetrability that even they cannot fathom how far their imagination and creativity can take them.

Mind is capable of traveling even faster than sound and light with a mapping technique which will be explained to the world in due course what it is capable of accomplishing and in what measure.

This we are going to talk about through the concept of mind mapping, which is defined as a diagrammatic representation of organized data that has been visualized in the mind. It means that you are mapping your thoughts on a piece of paper for sharing it with other colleagues of your organization.

Mind mapping is an interesting and complex structure which is closely connected to artificial intelligence in many ways which we will get to see as the new decade unfolds because 2020s is going to be dominated by artificial intelligence vs human intelligence as happened with social media in the 2010s.

There is a mind map template powerpoint structure that enlists different ways to organize your plan in a detailed manner.

Given below are the 7 types of mind maps that you should know about:

  • Flow map: It is in the form of a flow chart with a set of points in a step by step manner which is good for process of visualizing the data through this unique technique
  • Tree map: It is designed for classifying the planned information that has been visualized in the mind which is in the form of a tree.
  • Brace map: The printed outline represents a tree on the corner which are for objects
  • Circle map: It forms the core basis at the centre in the form of circles
  • Bubble maps: It is for describing the topic with the use of adjectives
  • Double bubble maps: It is a combination of two different bubble maps
  • Multiple flow: It tells about the consequences of the events taken place