Top 5 Marketing Firms from New York to Boston

December 29th, 2019

The definition of marketing in business can take on many meanings depending on whom in your company you are talking to or what business process you are involved in at any given point in time. If you are involved in customer acquisition then terms like customer relationship management CRM and social networking define your marketing process while if you are working with a new product launch then terms like advertising, sales and branding are currently in your marketing vocabulary. Partnering with a marketing firm that is large enough to meet all of your company’s needs while still personal enough to take the time to understand your unique business is the key to getting the highest return on your investment.

Most of the time we settle for good enough. But just like choosing the right technology for our business, we should always choose the best like ideal cloud CRM for small businesses.In this article I have outlined 5 top marketing firms based out of New York, Connecticut and

Massachusetts who strive to provide innovative and proven marketing solutions that leverage the latest technology to meet all of your marketing needs.

1. The Halo Group ( based out of New York, New York, Halo takes a big picture approach to how your business communicates while ensuring revenue is gained. The Halo team consists of brand planning and communications experts from all disciplines in almost every industry and leverage their vast array of experience to connect your brand with customers on the street, the web and any cultural hot spots.

From traditional media and public relations to digital and social media, Halo’s proven model for success brings a strategic focus to all communications. But communication for the sake of communication is not Halo’s approach. Their philosophy is that “everything must connect to your bottom line”. Adopting a “your business is our business” focus they strive to give your brand a consumer-driven purpose to ensure long term growth.

2. Core Matrix ( operates in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Core Matrix is a leading provider of services related to the design, implementation and integration of on-demand customer relationship management CRM solutions.

Founded in 2002, Core Matrix is comprised of former Siebel System veterans who successfully design and deploy enterprise-wide CRM systems. Focusing on the financial services, healthcare, insurance, travel amp; transportation and energy industries, Core Matrix’s end-to-end customer care offering takes care of the entire process. From planning to implementation, data migration to training and support, they are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

What makes Core Matrix different from other CRM providers is that they provide a 100% commitment to total user adoption of their solutions. When implementing large scale company wide CRM solutions time and cost can easily run over but Core Matrix’s devotion to customer satisfaction ensures rapid deployment, reduced implementation time and a faster return on investment.

3. Keiler amp; Company ( based out of Farmington, Connecticut, Keiler is a independent full service marketing firm. A small firm feel with the resources and experience of a major international marketing firm, Keiler believes in pushing the envelope when it comes to interactive marketing. Today’s “wow” is tomorrow’s “yawn”. Keiler is an independent firm, believing in taking a positive attitude into any project without a hint of arrogance. Their slogan is “aptitude without attitude”.

With an independent, experienced staff who thrive on the intricacies and complexities of their client’s business, Keiler is as good as having a marketing department in house. Leading the way in leveraging technology in marketing and staying focused on that strength Keiler delivers superior value and a quick return on your investment.

4. Pita Group ( based out of Rocky Hill, Connecticut, the Pita Group’s mantra is Innovation, Passion, Relevance.

With Pita you will get much more than a creative partner; you get the experience and insight of strategic minded professionals who look at your business from every angle. How do you know if you’ve selected the right agency to partner with? Pita’s principal team focuses on building extraordinary relationships with their clients and embraces your brand.

Providing strategic consulting, interactive media development, brand identity, advertising and public relations solutions that make sense is just one half of what you get with Pita. With Pita you get an innovative team that is dedicated to your success and strives for excellence

5. One Pica ( based out of Boston, Massachusetts, One Pica calls itself a marketing + technology agency. They are an award-winning team of expert designers, technologists and strategists who focus on helping their clients understand how to leverage technology in marketing in order to exceed their business goals.

One Pica’s Total Company Approach focuses not only at how you utilize the technology you already have but how you should be leveraging technology to increase customer retention, reposition yourself in your market, generate more leads, build and enhance your brand image, and grow market share.

One Pica has helped clients like FujiFilm and 1947 Athletic Wear leverage social media marketing not only to create brand awareness but also in developing a single source solution that provides total control over the multiple social media channels which makes marketing easier, more consistent and more effective.