Bitcoin Prediction: Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Is The Future Of The Enterprises

December 29th, 2019

Two decades ago, Digital currency was a distant dream. Many innovators and experts have tried their luck in an attempt to create a sustainable currency for the digital world. Each one of them failed for one reason or another. However, the introduction of Bitcoins completely changed the demographics of the cryptocurrency industry. The rapid development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem has led to the surge of several new platforms identical to Bitcoin Circuit ist eine automatisierte Handelssoftware. There is a new idea to implement cryptocurrency and blockchain in the modules of the enterprises.  What does the future hold in the frontier of digital currency?

What are Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Before we delve into the details and the potential use of the two in modern enterprises, it is vital to understand what the two are and how do they differ.


Cryptocurrency is, in short, the name given to the digital currency. Several companies are integrating original cryptocurrencies in the digital platform and entering the crypto marketplace. Many of them fail, but some, like Bitcoins, remain prevalent. It is a risky business, almost similar to stock-exchange in several ways. However, one of the primary benefits of Cryptocurrency is that the value of the currency remains the same all around the globe. In other words, aspects like the Country’s economy and Government do not influence any change in the cryptocurrency. It remains of the same value for people all around the globe. However, in the current world, it is harder to acquire cryptocurrency compared to a decade ago.


Blockchain is the database counterpart of cryptocurrency. While Cryptocurrency is the form of digital money that can come under any name, Blockchain is the collection of Data. It essentially collects the data of the user into a system. In other words, it stores the data of user’s transactions and other relative details. The primary benefit of blockchain to the user is the reduction in the collection of personal information. A blockchain does not require personal data. Instead, there is a digital signature. Each computer or device contains a unique digital signature that Blockchain records to store the data.

Security of Blockchain

Cryptocurrency works on the system of blockchain, completely reliant. In other words, security depends on Blockchain systems. So, whatever security implications Blockchain contains, is directly related to cryptocurrency, as well. But cryptocurrency applications and other platforms would still require a decent security measure. We are going to showcase some of the primary benefits of Blockchain.


It is nigh-impossible to hack into the blockchain environment and temper with the data stream. There is a requirement of robust systems assimilated together to be able to make any notable influence on the blockchains. It is because blockchains have around millions of databases and computers connected to capture the data. Tampering with a single block would require the blocker to change each block simultaneously, without a sustainable system, it is impossible. Thus, the investment for a hacker is much more than the return, so they refrain from any hacking attempts.

Privacy Security

Similarly, there is another security measure, like encrypted data. There isn’t any requirement to store personal data in any form, other than the digital signatures. Such vital information, like financial access, among others, are irrelevant to blockchains and does not exist in its ecosystem. Hence, third parties do not have any requirement to access, nor can they potentially access it to collect information. The privacy of the user remains intact to the peak.

Statistics of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is one of the most unpredictable growth zones for investment. There was a time when Bitcoins raised in value by up to over 1,300%, reaching the value of $19,783 per coin. It was such a blast that 2017 was all about the bitcoin news all around the globe. Many people reaped the reward, while others were left with regret not to invest. Recently, the statistics have dropped down, and people have seen gradual stability in the growth. Still, results can change even within 24 hours as showcased by another company, Aeron (ARN), that rose to over 300% within a single day. These are some of the top cryptocurrency events. There seems to be more stable according to recent blockchain crypto news.

What does it entail for the enterprises

It showcases that there is a vast potential to the cryptocurrency, and more importantly, to the blockchain modules. Any enterprise would benefit greatly from investing in either system. If statistics aren’t convincing, perhaps these application ideas will certainly enlighten the imminent use of blockchain in any enterprise:

  • Financial Transactions:

Any application or banks that offer financial transactions will benefit greatly from the cryptocurrency, or blockchain environment as it will reduce the cost required to maintain the data and also increase the efficiency of the transactions. There will be a significant boost to the transactions as it only takes 10 minutes for a blockchain to form, and the transaction will only take as long, if not shorter.

  • Maintaining Records:

Blockchains are hard to edit, and only a new block keeps adding to the already existing blocks. Adamantly, you can not change the record of a person, regardless of how deliberately you try. So for enterprises like health organizations, educational institutes, real estates, it will be easier to keep a record of their patients and clients. There wouldn’t be any tampering with their files and details. Furthermore, it also reduces or eliminates any chance of human errors.

  • Data Entry:

Any form of data entry, especially something like voting, would require reduced personnel. It will drastically reduce the requirement of resources and offer instantaneous results. As it is hard to tempter with blockchain data, one wouldn’t be able to use boosts the analytics, or temper with it for personal gains, at all.

These are the only couple of examples Blockchains can bring to the table. If one wishes to step into the field, they will find endless possibilities to utilize the potential of blockchains. Many companies have already started to work on exploring all the possibilities with blockchain. Cryptocurrency is already bringing a lot on the table, and more companies are investing in developing a strong, comprehensive cryptocurrency ecosystem.