Alternatives for Body Hair Removal at Home

December 25th, 2019

Hair removal – not anyone’s idea of a fun afternoon! However, there are many easy options for removing body hair at home. Here are some methods for you to try!

Shaving is probably the most common method of hair removal at home. With a good sharp razor, you can have hair-free legs, underarms, and bikini area in no time!

There are three basic types of razors – disposable and replaceable blade razors, and electric. You should take a look at the different hair removal procedures and their precautions at

If you decide to use an electric razor, buy a good quality women’s razor – an electric shaver designed for a man’s face is not likely to remove your hair very well! With an electric razor, you do not use shaving cream! However, there are several products available that will enable the shaver to grip the hair better. Make sure it’s designed specifically for electric razors.

Disposable razors are just what they sound like. You use them a few times, and as soon as the blade dulls, you throw it away. The key to using a disposable razor is to keep it well-rinsed and do not allow the blades to rust.

Replaceable blade razors are more expensive – both for the base and for the razor – but they have several advantages. They tend to be easier to use, and have better quality blades. They also minimize impact on the environment, because you are throwing away a much smaller item (blade only vs. entire razor). Although it’s an investment, the replaceable blade razor is the best way to go.

Your hair will shave much better if it’s been wet for at least a few minutes. Many women shave after a nice warm bath, or during a shower. Use a shaving cream or other emollient (some people swear that cheap hair conditioner works better than shaving cream!). Do NOT use soap – you risk razor burn. If you have sensitive skin, avoid scented products.

Start with a fresh blade. Apply even pressure in the direction of hair growth. Take care not to push too hard or cut at an uneven angle. If you do get a nick, rinse it quickly and then apply even pressure with a soft cloth. Run your hands over the area you’ve shaved to make sure you got it all. Rinse, and finish off with a nice moisture-rich lotion.

Depilatories are becoming a very popular method of hair removal. The premise is simple: apply a cream to the area, wait the specified time, and rinse or wipe off. There are many popular brands on the market, ranging from inexpensive to very pricey. Many of these products have added herbal extracts and skin softeners. Some are designed only for the legs – if you use them on the sensitive underarm or bikini area, or on your face, you will end up with a terrible rash! If you wish to remove hair from elsewhere on your body, you must use a product designed for that purpose. Follow instructions to the letter – including the “spot test” that should be performed 24 hours prior to using the depilatory.

Waxing used to be a salon-only option. However, many at-home products are available now. Some must be heated in the microwave. Others are ready to use without heating. If you will be heating the product, use great care to avoid burns!

Hair must be at least 1/4 inch long in order to wax. Some people have best results by applying a little talcum powder just before waxing, to help the wax stick to the hair, rather than skin. If pain is a concern, try taking two acetaminophen or ibuprophen tablets.

Most waxes are applied in a thin coat to a small patch of skin, and then covered with a strip of disposable cloth. When the wax is cooled (just a minute or two), the strip of cloth is removed – pulling in the opposite direction of hair growth. Stick to a small area, and keep the cloth close to your skin to keep the pain level down! Immediately afterward, a lotion specifically designed for waxing should be liberally applied.

Sugaring is very much like waxing. In fact, the procedure is virtually the same. However, “sugar” is made of natural ingredients which are melted together into a gooey syrup. Most recipes call for white sugar and lemon juice, some also add honey or molasses. Recipes abound on the internet, but Pioneer Thinking has an excellent one for you to check out.

Friction is another hair-removal tool – believe it or not, you can sandpaper hair away! Of course, you don’t use real sandpaper… you can purchase hair-removal mitts at the grocery or health amp; beauty store. You rub the mitt against your skin, and the hair is gone! This works much better for a small area than a large one, and is not recommended for sensitive areas.

Rotary Hair Removal was very popular for a while – remember EpiLady? You can still buy one! There are actually several different brands. These clever devices work by grasping the hair and yanking it out by the root. If it sounds painful, that’s because it is – though most women say it’s less painful than waxing! Hair must be long enough for the device to grab hold of. At first, it can be difficult to get the hang of it – but keep practicing and you will have smooth skin in no time!

As you can see, there are many options for body hair removal at home. While there’s no “magic prescription”, each of these options has advantages for you to consider.