The Ultimate Guide to Keeping a Food Journal!

December 24th, 2019

Heath experts suggest that keeping a food journal is a great way to track what you are eating and get the upper hand on losing weight or simply living a healthier lifestyle. It may seem like a pain to take the time to write down everything you put into your mouth, but it does have benefits. Seeing your diet written down really shows you how what you are eating ads up. Here are a few tips for starting your own food journal and benefiting from it.

The most important thing is selecting a method for you. If you spend your day at a computer then you might consider starting a blog online. The word blog means ‘web log’ and is simply a journal that is kept online. There are many free sites such as where you can start your own free blog. If you do not have access to a computer then a notebook and pen will work just as great! Select a small notebook that you can carry with you.

In order to get the best experience from your food journal, you must write down everything you eat. This is the only accurate way to get a good idea of what your diet is like. If you eat something as small as two grapes or a handful of cereal, write it down. Unless everything is there it is impossible to really see how much you are eating each day. Also, make sure to be detailed. A week from now you won’t remember if you ate a piece of grilled or fried chicken, unless you write it down.

When recording what you are eating also record your feelings and emotions about your meals. If you realize that you only ate those chips because you were bored, write that down. Next time you reach for those chips, you may remember your journal entry about eating because you were bored and put the chips down. Journaling your feelings will help you to recognize your strengths and your weaknesses.

The most important part of your food journal is that you use it to make better choices for yourself. It is important that you take the time to look over the food you are eating and decide for yourself what you could change about your food intake. From that set goals for the next week. Do you need to drink more water? Maybe you need to try and fit a few more fruits and vegetables into your day. Decide what you need to change and record this in your journal.

While your journal is mainly for recording what you are eating each day, there is no reason that you can not include other things. Keeping a copy of your grocery lists in your journal is another way to see how you can make changes. After shopping, write down the food items that you purchased. The next time you go get groceries, look at the list from the previous week. Look at the unhealthy choices you made and try to leave a few of these items off your list. If you purchased potato chips, maybe you could replace them with pretzels this week.

After you make changes in the foods that you eat, it is important to recognize what you have accomplished. Journal your accomplishments so that you can look back and see the progress that you have made. If you have been drinking more water and you can tell that you feel better, write that down. If you turned down dessert after dinner, record that as well. Even the smallest decisions we make are accomplishments well they all help you, but CoolSculpting does not damage the surrounding skin, even provides with more beautiful arm muscle, which is not possible for these dietary meals to do it quickly.!

Making changes in the way you eat can be hard. You don’t have to do it alone though. Find a friend who is committed to helping you in your journey. If your food journal is online, give them the link. Ask them to read your journal and leave comments. They should be your cheerleader for the most part, but it is also good to have them point out improvements you can make.

Keeping a food journal is a great way to assess your eating habits and the first step to a healthier life. Grab a notebook or start a blog, and start recording what you eat!