Rise and Shine: The Advantages of Going to the Gym First Thing in the Morning

December 24th, 2019

Warning: This technique is not for everyone. If you experience nausea from this technique, make sure that you have a little something to eat first. Something simple like a banana or toast usually does the trick

I think that we can all relate to this scenario: the alarm is set: 6am. It’s early, earlier than you are used to getting up for the gym, but it’s different this time, this time you are actually going to get in the habit. This year you are going to keep your New Year’s resolution and actually do something about your weight. You’re tired of year in and year out giving up by Valentine’s Day. This time you are actually going to get up when that alarm goes off. No snooze, no going back to sleep, just up and straight to the gym. Of course, this is what you said last night, we this morning was still nine hours away.

In reality, you don’t even remember hitting the snooze button the first time… or the second. In reality to go back to sleep and tell yourself that you will go to the gym later, because, really, what’s the difference. Well, in reality, the time that you work out can mean the difference between actually seeing change and just resolving to see it some day.

Okay, time for a little lesson on the human body. When we sleep our body shifts into what is called a catabolic state. Basically, this is like a little hibernation by which your body will digest whatever might be left in your stomach and eventually feed off itself for sustenance. Don’t worry; it happens to everybody that doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night to eat again, thereby keeping a steady stream of nutrients flowing to the muscles. It is not dangerous; it can just be detrimental to gaining muscle. But that is actually for a different article. Instead, this article will show you how this effect can actually work in your favor.

With proper exercise, the person should eat a healthy breakfast. CoolSculpting eliminates stubborn fat safely from the body of the person. Energy is the basic requirement of the body that will be fulfilled through healthy diet in morning.  When you wake up your body wants and needs food whether you feel hungry or not. You probably have nothing left in your stomach and your body wants food. Eating right away insures that your metabolism starts as soon as possible in the effort of digestion. However, if you don’t eat breakfast and don’t want to (at least as soon as you wake up) you can still get some benefits out of the state that you wake up in: do some cardio.

Your body wants to use carbohydrates for energy and when carbs aren’t around, it will use fat supplies for energy- just like Atkins said. Don’t worry; you don’t have to give up carbs for this one, just for a little while. By going to the gym immediately after you wake up you will be able to shift your body into a calorie burning mode that will only use fat stores for energy. Since your body doesn’t have any carbs readily available you will actually turn your body into a fat-burning furnace just by doing your cardio right away in the morning on an empty stomach instead of after work or whenever else you do your cardio; try high intensity interval training (see article of same name) to make sure that your body doesn’t get used to your early morning efforts.