Top Tips for Maintaining Your Taut New Body After Cosmetic Surgery

December 22nd, 2019

So you have taken the plunge and had it all done. Now you will realise that cosmetic surgery is not the easy option, as some people would have us to believe. In fact, it would have taken a lot of courage, research and soul-searching to get to the point that you are at now, not to mention a considerable lighter bank balance as a result.

Hopefully the swelling and bruising will have subsided and you can appreciate your new, toned and fat-free body. It won’t be long before you will want to flaunt it, and why shouldn’t you? You deserve it.

So what can you do to keep up the fabulous results of your surgery and hang on to your thinner thighs and gorgeous bum? Here are my top 5 tips to ensure that you don’t undo all of the work has been done and you don’t end up back at square one again:

My Top Five Tips:

Clear your fridge and cupboards of all junk and processed food. If it contains refined white and/or flour, trans-fats or any other products that we all know are bad for us get rid of it. If it is sitting around it won’t be long before you are tempted. These are enemy foods. Remember, these are the foods that caused you so much unhappiness that you had to endure the pain of cosmetic surgery to undo all of the damage that they did. They really are NOT worth it and they won’t do you any good.

If your surgeon hasn’t already done so, invest in a consultation with a qualified and experienced nutritionist who will provide you with a sensible and healthy eating plan. This is essential if you want to maintain your new shape and not constantly feel hungry.

Join a gym near your work or home so that you can get there easily. If possible, hire a personal trainer to motivate you to get the maximum effects from your workout. I am sure that before you had your operation you hated the gym being surrounded by ultra-fit skinny people who made you feel inadequate and fat. But take a look in the mirror. You look great! You have a head start over a lot of people who go to the gym and this should give you a renewed confidence.

Even the healthiest eating plans can go haywire when you are at the office or other place of work. Temptations are everywhere, from the vending machine to the work canteen. When in doubt, take your own packed lunch and snacks (your nutritionist will tell you what you can make). Take a walk in the park during your lunch break and burn off some extra calories. You don’t have to do this alone as I am sure that other colleagues would be only too happy to get away from the temptations too and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

This point is VERY, VERY important: Liposuction and body lifts are not substitutes for healthy living. You need to remember that if you put on the pounds again after surgery, you will ruin all your hard work and waste your hard earned money. Any major weight gain (and loss) will stretch out the skin and cause it to sag sooner than the natural process of ageing. The choice that you made to have cosmetic surgery is a commitment for life.

Make it a resolve never to be that unhappy person you were a few months back. You have been incredibly brave and have had to make huge sacrifices to reach the place that you are at now. You have a terrific body that other people would give their right arms for. Appreciate it and love it.

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