Bitcoin And Crypto Market Crashing: Bch, Ltc, Eos, Ada Analysis

December 21st, 2019

The first thing we need to know is what bitcoin is? Bitcoin is a digital currency. The cryptocurrency doesn’t have a bank. It can be transferred from person A to B via networks used for its transfer. Bitcoins are used worldwide and the most common things bought from it are Microsoft and Wikipedia tools and software.

Why is bitcoin crashing?

Bitcoin rose in its price value in USD very quickly, almost going way above $17,000 per bitcoin. It shot up, and everyone was happy but now that the hype is over, it has crashed and everyone is panicking. The reason for bitcoin crashing is some of the critical political revelations. In India and China, the government isn’t supporting the flow of bitcoin currency due to potential cheat netwelsh. The market is crashing down because it wants new investors to come in. There are predictions that bitcoin may go up again.

BCH (bitcoin cash):

The BCH is the new term and its split from BTC (bitcoin). The bitcoin cash charges less money while transferring, so investors save money while transferring BCH than BTC. The BCH also has a new technology that helps in increasing the blocks; it is 8MB and can increase further. The BCH also handles faster transactions so multiple people can transfer their currency at the same time.

LTC (litecoin):

Litecoin was made to overcome the shortcomings of bitcoin. It is also a cryptocurrency, but it is used to transfer funds oversees peer to peer. The transaction takes up to 4hours and every 2.5 minutes a new block is released.

EOS bitcoin:

The highlight and key function of EOS bitcoin are that it can carry out transactions without cost. It can carry out transactions in seconds. It produces a blockchain that helps in multiple transactions from all around quickly. The producers produce the blocks in the blockchain, which enables the user to access transactions without paying fees.

ADA analysis:

The Cardano platform uses the cryptocurrency of ADA. It is used for the fast transaction of digital money, i.e. the future of the money. ADA is also what you get when you convert a BTC. For example, 1 BTC equals to 214691.55758130 ADA. This information helps users to understand how much ADA they will earn at the selling of their BTC.

The bitcoin trend is growing fast and up. The governments of some countries are opposed to this. It has its own risk and pros. If you are interested in investing in it, then you should consult someone who has enough knowledge about bitcoins and then make an informed choice. The crashing of bitcoin is similar to any other market. The government, the world economy and the flow of investors affect it. It could go down now but it can come up quickly too. The new investors are very happy with the market crash as they get opportunities to invest at a lower price and they are waiting for their investment to turn into profits. The old investors are undergoing a panic stage. Many investors are selling their bitcoins now with the thought that they can get out now with few losses than to suffer till the end and make a humongous loss. Some are sticking around and waiting for it goes shoot up and to get profits of a lifetime. Only time will tell what’s the end game.