Importance Of Having A Protection Pet In Your Home

December 6th, 2019

While many of you love keeping pets as companions in your home, you might consider training them as protection pets. Dogs are the most popular pets and there are quite a few advantages of training them to be protection dogs or guard dogs. However, sometimes a friendly pet dog can also be a guard dog without the need of rigorous trainings. In the case you are looking for breeds which can make for the best protection dogs, there are a few you might want to consider.

Breeds that can make for the best protection dogs:

  1. Doberman Pinscher – this breed is known as the fifth-smartest dog in the world. These dogs are known for their super-fast speed and quick reflexes. They have the ability to reach an unwanted intruder in a very short time. Additionally, dogs of this breed are quite fearless and loyal.
  2. Bullmastiff – dogs of this breed are very strong and have supreme protection instincts. They are brave and protective, and at the same time are extremely loyal. They can be quite docile in a family environment, thus making for great protection pets.
  3. German Shepherd – these dogs are smart, intelligent, bold and confident. They are quick learners and can be trained well. German Shepherds are otherwise calm but are quick to respond when their family home is under threat. They are disciplined and are considered all-rounders.
  4. Puli – this breed of dogs are known for their suspicious nature. They tend to bark at anything suspicious, thus alerting their family members. They love an active lifestyle and make for very good companions whether you are at home, or involved in any outdoor activities like biking, hiking etc.
  5. Komondor – these dogs have inborn guard dog instincts. They are smart and courageous, strong and loyal. They are known to possess dignity and are extremely obedient, thus making for great protection pet dogs.

Do you need a protection pet dog?

Almost all dogs have some level of protection instincts. So it might not be necessary to train your faithful furry companion to be a fiercely protective guard dog. However you can always train your dog with a little training to help hone their natural instincts to protect your home better. Below reasons should justify why training your dog should help.

  1. For quicker reflexes

A trained protection pet tends to be more alert and have shorter response time. This helps them to track down a suspicious event quicker and better.

  1. For obedience

While dogs are naturally obedient, a little amount of training can make them even better at it. Your dog will be equipped with better manners and better understand your commands.

  1. For loyalty

Protection pets are trained to be extremely loyal and listen to only the owner. It will not take commands from any other person, making them quite reliable as well.

  1. Better equipped

Protection dogs can better handle break-ins and invasions. They can better knock down an intruder by properly using their physical strength. Thus training your pet dog can keep your family and property safer.

  1. For alerting

If you train your pet dog to be more alert, it will bark to raise your own alertness at the slightest dubious activity in and around your house. This helps you to take quick actions with the help of your furry friend.