Best PS4 Controller Ever? The Best Review For Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller!

November 18th, 2019

With so many PS4 controllers available in the market, it becomes really confusing to choose the best one out of so many different options. However, it seems that finally a brand has emerged which can be termed as the “best” in the industry. Yes! We are talking about the Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller for PS4.

Developed and manufactured by Nacon, this premium PS4 controller comes with all the features which you can imagine. From solid build quality to fantastic design, it seems to be on top in all aspects of a PS4 controller.

Almost every user who tried out this controller has been really impressed with the experience it has been able to provide. Finally we have reviewed the Revolution Unlimited Pro and here’s everything you need to know about this controller and how it performs in real life.Revolution Unlimited Pro Review

We have reviewed the various aspects of the controller in different parts so that you can understand the features in a convenient manner.

Design – when it comes to design, we don’t think any other brand has done such a spectacular job other than Nacon. This controller is just top-notch when we are talking of design. It has a soft casing that is aesthetically illuminated in a ring shaped style. The handle grips have rubber finish for better ergonomics.

The thumbstick cap has a sturdy feel and the sleek silver accents look phenomenal when you hold the controller in hand. The complete matte black finish looks very soothing. The cushioned rests offer excellent comfort for the gamers who want to play for long hours continually.

The build quality of the Revolution Unlimited Pro is superb and it feels very good when you hold it while playing. Nacon has used high quality materials which do not feel cheap by any means and that is why gamers really feel that it is the best in it’s class.

Hardware and Controls – Revolution Unlimited Pro comes with all the primary and essential inputs that you would want – dual joysticks, D-pad, PS button which is located centrally, triangle, circle, X and also the square. The controller also comes with a variety of short buttons which can be customized according to the game that you are playing.

Set the keys according to any special movements or other special features available. Button mapping is really easy in this controller. Hence, you are going to get a really impressive control and ergonomics when you are playing games on this. The bluetooth integration allows you to connect the controller wirelessly with the console. There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack, that will allow you to plug in a good pair of headphones. For charging the controller, you will get a USB Type C port for efficient charging.

Along with the controller, you also get extra weights for balancing the decice. The weights include (2x10g/2x14g/2x16g) for better control.

Usability and Comfort – the Revolution Unlimited Pro seems to be a really good deal that is available in the current market. The usability of this controller is amazing. You can just glide your fingers through the controller and easily play any of the games which you want to.

The stick and buttons are smooth and have a really nice build quality which allows you to get the best comfort levels. You won’t feel any pain or discomfort even after playing for a long time. The rubber padding really helps to maintain a firm grip over the controller all the time.

The accuracy and response of the buttons are the best in class and as a result you get to play the game without too much lags or faults. In terms of usability and comfort, we didn’t test a much better device than this for a very long time.

Pros –

  • Excellent build quality
  • Comfortable ergonomics
  • Aesthetic design
  • High accuracy level
  • Different button mapping

Cons –

  • Expensive than other devices
  • Button mapping is not obvious 

Final Verdict – available for a price of around $155, depending on the seller, the Revolution Unlimited Pro is easily one of the, if not the, best controller for the PS4 currently in the market. We believe that at the price at which this is available, this controller simply leaves every other competitor in the market behind it.

Excellent build quality, premium design, comfortable ergonomics and top-notch accuracy makes it a real value for money purchase. If the budget is not the factor for you and want to experience a fantastic gaming experience, then the Revolution Unlimited Pro is absolutely the best controller that you can buy for your PS4.

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