5 Helpful Dating Tips For Shy Guys

April 4th, 2019

Dating can be daunting especially if you’re an introvert or if you’ve simply experienced a string of horrible dates. The thought of going on one more date turns you into a nervous mess and it leaves you wondering whether or not you can actually go on dates again without feeling too shy.

There’s hope yet! Below are a few dating tips for shy guys that’ll help them start up their love life. With these tips, you might just bag the partner of your dreams.

1 – Don’t Try To Impress

If the goal on your first date is to impress your partner, then that will only leave you nervous and sweaty throughout the whole ordeal. Dating isn’t about impressing the other. It’s about forming a mutual connection with a special person.

Be honest and be yourself. It’s a common tip and one that you’ve probably heard dozens of times. But it’s the truest tip there is. Be honest and tell them what your interests are, what you like and don’t like. Be honest and tell them that you’re really a shy person. Chances are they’ll probably help you out and steer conversations when it gets awkward. They’ll also help keep you talking enough until you won’t feel too shy anymore. If they don’t, then you know that person isn’t for you. Don’t be afraid to go on dates until you find that special person that understands who you are.

2 – Talk to Women More

Practice talking to women more so you won’t feel too shy around them. Any woman will do whether it be your co-worker, your next door neighbor, your barista at the coffee shop or the policewoman you see on the streets every day. Talking to them will help build up confidence and will let you practice your social skills.

3 – Make It a Double Date

If you’re nervous enough to go on a one on one date, make it a double. This helps put the awkwardness aside on the first date. You can pick up tips from your friend while talking and then join in the conversation. Double dates also help divert your shyness away and slowly bring out your personality.

4 – Go on Different Dates

Dates don’t just have to be dinners at fancy restaurants. They can be coffees at the park, drive-in movies, walking dogs or going to the arcade. Go on different dates until you find what’s comfortable for you and doesn’t make you shy around the person you’re with. They’re also actually a nice change of atmosphere than your usual fancy dinner.

5 – Work on Your Self-Confidence

The key to getting rid of your shyness is to build up your confidence. This helps by knowing what you feel is lacking and working in them. For instance, if you’re shy because you think you’re a little chubby then head to the gym and work that out. Or if you feel like you’re too shy at holding conversations, then make an effort to talk to women and actually listen to what they’re saying so you know what captures their interests and what actually matters to them.

Practice makes perfect. Don’t repeat the same mistakes. As ShallonOnline says, preventing future breakups are a challenge. But it’s still possible to have a relationship. With these tips, it won’t be long until you can master dating without getting too shy any longer.