Saggin’ – Super Baggy Pants

January 19th, 2019

I have hesitated to write about this one for some time because in writing it I am essentially admitting I’m an old fart. I can’t stand the “fashion” trend of the super baggy pants. I am usually pretty accepting of passing fashions, and I don’t mind kids expressing their independence in odd ways for the most part…expect when I think it looks just plain stupid. Size 50 waist on a buck-25 kid just doesn’t work for me. How many times have you seen kids that essentially have to hold their pants up as they walk around, or at least cinch them up every minute? Pockets in the back so big they go past their knees and bunched up at their shoes because they are 10 inches too long. Again, every person can have their own sense of style, but this one is just beyond me. Why rush what is going to be a problem later in life when you have that gut and your pants can’t stay up. Old guys where rainbow suspenders and just deal with it, but apparently they should let them fall a bit and they can just say they are “with it” and you just don’t understand.

I am heartened whenever I see an article link this one where some stupid criminal is caught literally with his pants down – his fashion statement catching up with him “in the end.” (Bad pun intended). You’ve all seen this at least on COPS or in an article that appears somewhere about twice a year, where the baggy pants end up around the ankles, giving the police leg up in their pursuit. I am really bad, I know.

So the cat’s out of the bag, I’m officially getting old. I still listen to modern music though, so I can’t be that stodgy.