$7m lawsuit against former-chef-turned-mining-CEO dismissed

December 27th, 2018

A New York court has dismissed with prejudice a $7 million lawsuit filed against former Master-chef Australia contestant Aaron Thomas, 26, who was fired as CEO of his own company, Oakmont Resources, earlier this year.

A complaint filed in a New York state court in March claimed Thomas “misappropriated £4,247,000 (US$7.05 million)“ to finance a high-class lifestyle for himself and his girlfriends”.Oakmont Resources

Oakmont Resources owns and operates diversified mining and resource interests with specific emphasis on the exploration, extraction and sale of iron ore. The lawsuit asserted, “Shareholders were induced to invest in part on representations by Thomas concerning, among other things, his experience running companies of this kind, the fact that he purported to be a trained geologist and a protégé of certain well-known figures in the mining industry.”

Thomas’ lawyer, Rob Garson, told The New York Post that the New York City-based Thomas was satisfied that the “vexatious and baseless allegations” had been dismissed. As part of a recent confidential settlement, Thomas’s 25% stake in Oakmont was sold back to the company.

Oakmont Resources

Garson told the media that Thomas was looking toward the future and would focus on companies that operate with integrity, have strong returns, and create shareholder value for investors.